A Comprehensive Approach to Personal Evolution

In this immersive talk, we explore the STAGES model’s practical applications for personal growth and the key principle “get healthy where you are.” We’ll identify areas for optimal growth at your current stage, often not where we’d instinctively focus. We’ll explore hidden imbalances, highlighting the importance of a healthy foundation for unlocking potential and enabling […]

Live Love and Lead from Wholeness

COLLECTIVE FLOURISHING : live, love and lead from wholeness. I offer a consciousness based approach for collective flourishing, an integral framework called EVOLVE. As a human being ,our design is to operate at the center of two complementary forces of becoming and belonging. Humans are inbuilt with a longing to become something, differentiate our individuality, […]

We-Flow: Integral We-Space for Business

If awakening is a collective rather than an individual matter, we need to look at the contexts where most collective effort is currently being spent, one of them being:  workplaces & organizations. In We-Flow, we have addressed the question of how we can connect the gifts of the individual to a larger network of gifted […]

10,000 Peaceful Warriors

As integral practitioners, we know that who we are is every bit as important as what we do and how we do it.  For this reason, integrating embodied presence within our professional practice is vital.  Yet how much of our awareness is encoded into our physical being?  Are we fully ready to put ourselves on […]

Co-creating Org Transformation with Diagnosis Tool

Marc Mathys will discuss his experience of using ValueMatch, a diagnostic tool based on Integral and Spiral Dynamics, to analyze the current and desired organizational culture and structure. The goal is to enable participants to connect with their own desire for organizational development and co-create their transformation path, rather than following a management-initiated vision or […]

Essentials of Integral Politics

This presentation makes the point for a paradigm shift in politics based on an integral consciousness. Why? Politics as we know it is outdated. It lacks the tools, the operating system and the vision to address the challenges humanity is facing at the necessary speed and with the right priorities today. Its very “operating system”, […]

Exploring Integral Coherence

This presentation argues that in order to uplevel the collective capacity of social change agents for transforming a metacrisis into a metamorphosis, we need to practice field intelligence that enhances and generates more coherence within and across networks and systems. It presents questions and insights from an ongoing European action research project which explores the […]

DIE & GET RE-BORN: Unleash the power of darkness

We are all seeking the light – we are all striving for true freedom, happiness & inner fulfilment, yet it´s collectively a striving from a place of victimhood and scarcity. We are dreaming about an easygoing and abundant life while ignoring that ease & abundance have always been with us. Back then, when we were […]

Primal Play – Connection through embodied truth

As human beings we are wired for connection. We long for connection and we struggle in connection. As little ones, we need connection to survive and later in life we thrive more when we feel connected. As adults, we often build and maintain connection through verbal dialogue. Yet the majority of what we actually experience […]

Evolution from orange-green to teal organizations

Teal models are emerging and proving valuable for the management of complexity and progress towards humanist organizations. In this paper an AQAL analysis applied to Laloux case-research methodology is proposed, as a tool to help evolution.  The model has been used in some case studies. The conceptual model compares the most relevant issues that differentiate […]

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