Integral Theory of Justice

I would like to present on an Integral Theory of Justice. How can Integral Theory contribute to a planetary awakening through the area of Justice? Justice as defined by 6th Century Roman Law is “the constant and perpetual will to render to each his due’. How do we in our world today bring each being […]

The Six Dimensions of Purpose & Tier 2 Awakening

As you know, life is not one-dimensional, and neither is your purpose in life. In fact, it shows up in multiple dimensions as an integration of AQAL quadrants, levels, and lines of development. The Six Dimensions of Purpose is a framework for discovering purpose in life. When used with integral theory, it is a powerful […]

Breakthroughs and Blindspots of Big Tech in Teal

Many “Big Tech” corporations attract engineers by prioritizing their employees’ well-being as well as productivity. Some have even adopted Teal culture (LL) and practices (LR) for human-centered collaboration at scale. For example, cultures that value psychological safety uncover more – and more diverse – perspectives when brainstorming and problem-solving.   Google’s engineering organization is arguably the […]

Integral Bioregional Regeneration: Italy & Beyond

Since the awakening of the 1960s, people and projects around the world have been continuing to practice holistic forms of personal and collective development and new norms of the Interior and Exterior We. Currently, we are in a “next level” era of Integral awakening: in the synergy of Web3 leaders living and working with somatic, […]

Cultivating Emergence

How are we cultivating—co-holding and curating—the embers within us all for transformation? The presentation draws on our collective experiences—20 years of Generating Transformative Change, Emergent Leadership and Integral Sustainability engagement. It features key lessons we’ve co-learnt, with many participants, as we are responding to our challenging times. The times mean embracing the unknown, the unwanted, […]

How an integral healer works in practice?

I would like to hold a presentation about the integral view and my practice in medicine. How we can transform the western way of healing to the holistic view, what the patient will experience, how I used to involve them in their own healing process, and how their soul and energy body reacts. The presentation […]

Integral Education for Teens and Pre-teens

Educational and upbringing systems worldwide are going through a wave of innovative methodologies. Delivering Integral Education to teenagers and preteens proposes a new paradigm that recognizes multiple intelligences and personalities requiring attention and validation. “Integral Education for Teens and Pre-teens” guides an Integral Educator in the transformational process from just a teacher into becoming a […]

An Integral Approach to Pregnancy and Childbirth

What better place to support the 2.0 version of planetary awakening than by working more consciously with the extraordinarily impactful (yet incredibly common) experience of childbirth and creation? In this engaging and interactive presentation, Brooke Radloff, M.A. PMH-C presents the need for humanity to move beyond the fragmented and flawed models of maternity care that […]

What becomes possible? – An Embodied Vision.

Today’s biggest untapped resources (inner, outer, individual, and collective) are unlocked through inner work. In a world where it is virtually possible for everyone to enjoy of the previous highest human achievement of inner work at the beginning of their life, what becomes possible? As a 21 year-old living stably in some of the highest […]

Awakened Interbeing and The New We

To speak about a planetary awakening, we need to be conversant with how a group, and a relationship, can wake up, in a way analogous to how an individual can.  I’ll be talking through my take on Awakened Interbeing (We Space) as an emergent, relational awakening practice after more than ten years practicing and leading […]