Gathering in Wholeness: Constructing Consciousness

Can we cultivate a collective that is holding our deepest longings? This is the question that we have been living into at our Constructing Consciousness Gatherings around the globe. “I want to feel belonging with a group of people that could hold me in wholeness and inspire me to stretch beyond my leading edge,” said […]

Mindful practice for conscious climate action

Awareness and concern about climate change exists. Yet, when we move through our daily lives, our actions often don’t match that concern. In this experiential workshop, we will slow down what is going on in that values-to-action gap. Using an integral voice dialogue process, we will dance around the poles of awareness and unawareness, attachment […]

Tools for I and We – Worldview Carousel

Worldview Carousel provides an invaluable potential raising opening to the consideration of any issue. Worldviews shape our thinking and our thinking shapes our reality. Originally developed in 1997 Worldview Carousel offers a means by which the patterns and codes of human emergence can be speedily embodied. This workshop allows you the chance to discover the […]

Tools for I and We – Ecosystem Process Discovery

The basis of all life on Earth is predicated on the health and vitality of the four fundamental ecosystem processes. This workshop provides an introduction and practical engagement with the four fundamental processes that shape the platform for all life forms on Earth. Reading the patterns of the land reveals the ecological state of any […]

A Lite Touch for I and We Upstretch

Christopher frames the essence of integral practice as Showing-UP, Acting-UP, Shaping-UP. Waking-UP and Growing-UP may be a consequence. In this session Christopher introduces Integral Critique. This is a lite touch method that is designed to stimulate fresh awareness, and the release of latent potential in any-context. Integral Critique was developed by Christopher to provide a […]

Navigating through the topography of work

During the workshop, the participants will be provoked about the global changes in the context of work and the meta crisis by different perspectives and stages. It will also stimulate them to reflect on the results of the Topography of Work research (theme of the Keynote presentation) and their own experience of the meaning of […]

Wake to Grow: Integrating Mahamudra & Stage Theory

WAKE TO GROW  weaves Indo-Tibetan Mahamudra meditation & constructive development theories to explore a new convergence of spiritual awakening & developmental growth, referencing Wilber’s Fourth Turning (2014), Kegan’s CDT (1983) and O’Fallon’s Stages (2020). We have designed a deep,  interactive,  playful “mini-retreat” that will experientially explore: What is our true nature? What can we discover […]

Exploring True Prosperity

The dominant concept of prosperity is based on the illusion of separation, causing us to strive for our personal wellbeing through the accumulation of material wealth, usually to the detriment of our fellow humans and non-humans. Vivian has developed an alternative model of prosperity, which focuses on our true needs and is based on connection […]

Discover Your Purpose at Tier 2 Consciousness

Awakening planetary consciousness starts with individuals like you and me. It starts with awakening our purpose in life. But the question is: Do you know what your life purpose is now? And how does it need to evolve to bring about the kind of change necessary for this global shift in consciousness? Well, as you […]

Social Permaculture: Integral Tools for Awakening

Permaculture is commonly known as integrated gardening/farming, as it has traditionally focused on “Earth Care.” Despite that focus on the “exterior,” permaculture was always meant to be a whole systems approach to sustainable living. In recent years “Social Permaculture” has been emerging, building on the social changes initiated in the 60s, and going beyond the […]

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