Constellation facilitators lets’ share our wisdom

We invite all colleagues involved in family constellation and systemic constellation to experiment and share experiences. What makes a constellation work integral? Let’s explore this together! Let’s talk about this topic, let’s inspire each other! We invite all colleagues involved in family constellation and systemic constellation to experiment and share experiences. What makes a constellation […]

Circling Workshop

Circling is a fast growing practice that guides you into a deeper experience of presence and connection. You’ll likely gain deep personal insights, feel yourself to a deeper level and see habitual ways of being you didn’t realise you were doing. The practices typically open up new realms of connection – feeling deeply seen, getting […]

“Heartbeats & High Vibes”

“Heartbeats & High Vibes: A Journey of Personal Growth” is a transformative workshop, which aims to facilitate personal growth, connection, and reflection. Through a series of exercises and practices, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with others on an emotional level, induce altered states of consciousness, engage in creative expression, and collectively reflect on your […]

Integrate your body in your life

Katinka Sánchez is a cultural anthropologist, embodiment trainer and biography coach. 25 years of listening and experiencing with people, as well as her interest in the idea of an “anthropology of movement” that enables social change, has led to the development of the „KörperSinn“ method. This offers process- and resource-oriented learning paths to promote self-awareness […]

Integral! Let’s Not Vanish Into Thin Air

Integral Theory, as most of us know it, is a valuable meaning-making tool born of Ken Wilber. Although his first book was published in the 80’s, Wilber himself has largely remained a recluse over the years. The only time during which he was most active in public was around the late 90’s – 2006, after […]

Jung, Integral, Archetypes – remember self

During this day event delegates will get exposed to the interplay of ICF-accredited coaching methodology, informed by Jungian theory. Various modalities such as gestalt work and expressive arts will be used in the session. The process will allow delegates to crystallise rich experiences and illustrate the powerful impact of concepts line individuation, archetypes and storytelling […]

Integral’s Technology Problem: How Do We Grow Next

Integral’s Technology Problem: How Do We Grow Next The modern integral movement has been marked by late-adoption tendencies and the inability to innovate from the same ‘leading-edges’ of consciousness which we ostensibly espouse when it comes to technology. This tendency has endemic properties and must be addressed formally in order to support the involution necessary […]

Purpose Clarity and Alignment: Your Evolving Role

We’re evolving faster than ever, as personal and spiritual development tools allow the completion of developmental tasks and resolution of trauma and shadow. We traverse the spiral to the next stage of development with greater awareness of Self and the contexts in which we live, capable of ever-expanding perspectives. However, rediscovering ourselves at each stage […]

Transformational Play – Secrets of Coherence

When set up correctly, play creates coherence quickly. Co-creative intelligence, healing and magic can then follow. Play is an important transformational tool to understand and practice. At its full potential it brings people beyond fear to trusting the unknown so they can grow. Collectively we develop the capacity to shift to the new being, the […]

Memes Of Growth

In this workshop, hosted by Laszlo Karafiath and Thomas Hermann, we will combine a timeless synthesis of memes, archetypes and Wilberian structure stages to explore our inner maps. With this simple, yet powerful combination, participants will easily recognise and gain control over the qualities of each stage of development. From magenta, red, amber, orange, green […]

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