Primal Play – Connection through embodied truth

As human beings we are wired for connection. We long for connection and we struggle in connection. As little ones, we need connection to survive and later in life we thrive more when we feel connected. As adults, we often build and maintain connection through verbal dialogue. Yet the majority of what we actually experience […]

Landing: embody your current potentialized state

Landing is a condensed, personalized inner movement (or ‘practice’) to care for our body/mind/spirit, get into ideal state, remove blocks, and arrive fully here. We will start with splitting into pairs and having some rounds of shares that we have found support landing (good news, moods, etc). From there, there is an open space for […]

Integral Facilitation as a Tool of Intercultural Dialogue

(Based on experience with communities in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador) INTRODUCTION We live in new times, full of questions, doubts and confirmations. Times full of unprecedented possibilities and challenges. In some strange way, the advances made by humanity in recent years mean that our traditional forms of cooperation and construction of knowledge are unable […]

“Heartbeats & High Vibes”

“Heartbeats & High Vibes: A Journey of Personal Growth” is a transformative workshop, which aims to facilitate personal growth, connection, and reflection. Through a series of exercises and practices, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with others on an emotional level, induce altered states of consciousness, engage in creative expression, and collectively reflect on your […]

Evolution from orange-green to teal organizations

Teal models are emerging and proving valuable for the management of complexity and progress towards humanist organizations. In this paper an AQAL analysis applied to Laloux case-research methodology is proposed, as a tool to help evolution.  The model has been used in some case studies. The conceptual model compares the most relevant issues that differentiate […]

Courage & Connection – Integral Leadership in 2023

The world is at a tipping point. It is burning in so many ways – ecologically, economically, societally, spiritually etc. – and is becoming more and more polarized. Thus being able to tip in any direction at any point. We are in need of a new style of leadership which can tackle the challenges we […]


Integral means not touched . To Pass from the Zero is to realise that we are integral, any our exeprience is integral. According to transpersonal psychology, the concept of Self expresses the corresponding microcosmic psychic space of unity, which is drawn upon by transcending and including the ego through disidentification. I will present concept such […]

Growing Up after Waking Up

Waking up, or spiritual wisdom, is one of the most precious and profound gifts of the human experience. Yet in our teachers and ourselves,  shadow accompanies the light.   In this session,  will explore how spiritual realization evolves from Tier 1- Tier 2-Tier 3 as our ego matures, with a focus on spiritual bypassing and spiritual […]

Relationships, Soap Operas and Corona Crisis

What connects relationships, soap operas, and corona crisis? The victim game! This presentation will show you how victim patterns of a 1st Tier consciousness operate at the personal, interpersonal, and collective levels. You will learn to recognize when you are in a role of a victim, villain, or savior. Also, you will learn about the […]

How Victim Roles Affect Your Life

Victim roles are patterns of subconscious programming that sabotage our sovereignty and freedom and keep us locked in a fear-based, scarcity, 1st Tier consciousness. There are 3 victim roles the majority of humans play: victim, savior, and villain. This presentation will experientially lead you through all three roles with an emphasis on a moment where […]