Cultivating Emergence

How are we cultivating—co-holding and curating—the embers within us all for transformation? The presentation draws on our collective experiences—20 years of Generating Transformative Change, Emergent Leadership and Integral Sustainability engagement. It features key lessons we’ve co-learnt, with many participants, as we are responding to our challenging times. The times mean embracing the unknown, the unwanted, […]

Integral Emergence

This workshop is an experiential dive into holding, catalyzing, and curating individual and collective emergence. We draw from 20 years of experience engaging with transformative learning and development in response to our challenging times. Inquiries include: what does it mean to embrace the unknown, the unwanted, and/or the impossible? How can we attune to ourselves, […]

Self as Instrument: A Workshop for Presenters

If you’re presenting this week and want to clear what’s in the way of showing up more freely, come to this workshop and leave it behind. Many people have fear about sharing their work, presenting, or speaking in public. Whether you have lots of experience at the front of the room or you are new […]

How an integral healer works in practice?

I would like to hold a presentation about the integral view and my practice in medicine. How we can transform the western way of healing to the holistic view, what the patient will experience, how I used to involve them in their own healing process, and how their soul and energy body reacts. The presentation […]

From Hunter to Hero, from Princess to Visionary

Explore the depth of your Selves. Come along on a playful, yet deep and transformative journey of self-discovery and community building facilitated by the Selves card deck. Bring a question, a conflict or a dilemma, see yourself reflected by familiar characters, and unfold your answer by playing the game of Selves. Selves consist of 54 […]

Integral Education for Teens and Pre-teens

Educational and upbringing systems worldwide are going through a wave of innovative methodologies. Delivering Integral Education to teenagers and preteens proposes a new paradigm that recognizes multiple intelligences and personalities requiring attention and validation. “Integral Education for Teens and Pre-teens” guides an Integral Educator in the transformational process from just a teacher into becoming a […]

An Integral Approach to Pregnancy and Childbirth

What better place to support the 2.0 version of planetary awakening than by working more consciously with the extraordinarily impactful (yet incredibly common) experience of childbirth and creation? In this engaging and interactive presentation, Brooke Radloff, M.A. PMH-C presents the need for humanity to move beyond the fragmented and flawed models of maternity care that […]

Silent connections .. because talking is overrated

Silent Connections Connection in stillness, being a witness, metaphor for timelessness. Allowing to be with the other, a reflection of ourselves. Witnessing allows for a meeting in presence, recognising the other as you. Being the body, space, environment and relationship that we are. Connection with our hearts, metaphor for our relationships in this moment. Sensing the depth of […]

What becomes possible? – An Embodied Vision.

Today’s biggest untapped resources (inner, outer, individual, and collective) are unlocked through inner work. In a world where it is virtually possible for everyone to enjoy of the previous highest human achievement of inner work at the beginning of their life, what becomes possible? As a 21 year-old living stably in some of the highest […]

Awakening Interbeing: A New We

Come get a taste of Awakened Interbeing, where the relational field wakes up to itself, as us.  In this experiential workshop, we’ll engage in a handful of different practices to open this emerging spiritual experience: pointing out instructions to ground in awareness and awakening; relational practices to open awareness to the space between us; and, […]