Artist – Colour Alchemist

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Martina Höss calls herself a ‘colour alchemist’. By using a multilayered oil painting technique, she places layers of colour upon each other to create an energetic resonance between them. Her paintings reveal the vibration of inner light, and its energetic transmission has the ability to touch you very deeply, right within your true essence.
The artist’s mission is the integration of insights revealed through silent meditation into essential truth, reality and spiritual evolution with the artistic process.
The mission of the paintings is to support the changemaker and ongoing transformation in this world.
Another part of Martina’s work is to connect people to a new experience of receiving art. The classical gallery presentations have always left her with a feeling of too much separation between the artwork, the artist and the viewers. Therefore, she started to provide guidance for energetic communication with the paintings – a meditation – to ease meeting oneself through art.

HÖSS, Martina


In 2003, after having painted many layers of colour, Martina Höss stepped back to look at her painting, when suddenly the image disappeared into a white canvas and only flowing energy was visible to her. This was one of the key moments that sparked Martina’s deep enthusiasm for painting.
Since 1997 she has exhibited in over 40 solo and group exhibitions. She is a well-established artist in Austria and has sold her work in 10 different countries. She specializes in healing arts and wall designs.