Harmonious Universe: Music, Movement & Mindfulness

HARMONIOUS UNIVERSE is a mindful movement album written by Haley Dawn. After 15 years of bringing programs to young people internationally, Haley transformed her FLY curriculum into a musically led practice.  Haley has led workshops & listening parties for humans of all ages to discover the deeper messages & meanings embedded in the music. She […]

Graphic Recording (visual keynote documentation)

An integrally informed Graphic Recording was delivered at all IEC events since 2014, on site or online. Firstly, contributes to the participant experience in real-time. Secondly it serves as a valuable part of the post-event documentation. In the main plenary hall, a graphic recording functions in a subtle way as a reflection surface for all […]

Liberation through Creativity: an Integral View

What does F.M. Dostoevsky’s famous expression “Beauty will save the world” mean and why is it said that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”? Why art in all its forms and genres is the best means of “soul-wandering” created by mankind. What are the evolutionary advantages of art as a way of self-improvement […]

Cocooning Next Stage Learning Environments…

28 years teaching experience in Higher Education shows an overview of generations and their changing needs. Millennial Generations need to connect to what is being learned to ignite their interest. Traditional academic formatted learning environments tend not to respond to the core needs of these Generations. Consequently they tend to shut down through engaging in […]

Artist – Colour Alchemist

Martina Höss calls herself a ‘colour alchemist’. By using a multilayered oil painting technique, she places layers of colour upon each other to create an energetic resonance between them. Her paintings reveal the vibration of inner light, and its energetic transmission has the ability to touch you very deeply, right within your true essence. The artist’s mission is the integration of insights revealed through silent meditation into […]

Design Being: practices of adaptive creativity

Roles and best practices in design are effective in solving superficial problems, but they fall short of addressing the deeper challenges that we face, both individually and collectively. While Design Being acknowledges the designer within everyone, it makes a special appeal to emerging leaders who recognize the need for bold yet grounded change. Emerging designers […]

myOS Brain Computer Interface for Meditation

Presentation and group demo of the myOS Brain Computer Interface for Progressive States of Consciousness. This presentation is a 10 min talk and 10 min artistic experience of the myOS neurofeedback meditation paradigm for one or more volunteers as well as for the entire audience. myOS is using measures of brain-activity (multi-channel EEG) and data-visulaizations […]

Becoming Integral in the Anthropocene

This paper descriptively examines the emergent poetics of planetary thinking that our age—the geological epoch of the Anthropocene—is calling forth in us, and how an integral ontology could help to enact them. First, I begin by grounding us in the phenomenological approach to integral philosophy offered through Jean Gebser (1905-1973), which helps us identify the […]

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