Circling + Holacracy: Live Cross-Paradigm Practice

IEC Conference: cancelled

When you come to this session, you’re co-enacting a living prototype of cross-paradigmatic practice at the Integral Conference.

Imagine this: You’re in your chair, feeling all the subtleties of your body, emotions, mind and awareness as Jordan Circles ‘Integral Celebrity’ Brian Robertson ‘on stage’ for 30 min… They’re going deep into the subjective and intersubjective experience of what it’s like to exist as-a-Brian in the here and now. You’re feeling your way into that experience with them, letting the exploration pull you into a transcendent state that includes your uniqueness but takes you beyond yourself, loves you as you are while highlighting your shadows. None of us has a clue what we’ll uncover—whether there will be fireworks or a soft field of presence or the simple feeling of remembering who and what you are.

Jordan and Brian unpack what happened… applying Integral Theory in a metaware dialogue that seeds the second hour of practices: Now you are in a pair working directly with your identity and shadows, and wait! Now you are in a triad! You’re exploring interpersonal hangups and triumphs in the moment with other participants, integrating what life has revealed with you over the previous hour, venturing forth into the mystery of our collective intelligence.

Now you’re in a small Surrendered Leadership Circle, finding yourself liberated to be more honest, expressive, loving and empathetic for the rest of conference… and perhaps for rest of your life.

ALLEN, Jordan

United States

CEO of Circling Europe, author of A Beautiful Apocalypse. Jordan’s gift is in bringing the wisdom of Surrendered Leadership to the world—in the Austin Circling Studio and, in AI research teams and CEO networks, etc. You will see a constant willingness to trust life more elegantly, to be in reverence to the mystery and wisdom of immediacy. Even with these high ideals, Jordan is a simple man who loves climbing, superhero movies, making music and being close with his family.