Circling + Integral Zen: Live Practice

IEC Conference: cancelled

Circling is known as a powerful tool for state changes and shadow work—two of Integral Zen Master Doshin’s specialties.

Sean Wilkinson will Circle Doshin’s personality, his awareness, and everything in between… and as a result invite a deep inquiry into the nature of our own being as individuals and as… well, nothing. Who’s there?

From a present moment awareness we see our connection with others as a great gateway to transcendent experiences – to experience beyond our normal range of consciousness.

And this gateway we invite you to is always here, influencing you even now as you read this…


United Kingdom

Co-founder and Vision-Holder of Circling Europe. In his vision, Circling elegantly meets the human need for connection and transcendent experiences. His Circling is known to lead straight into deep intimacy and insights into Being. Circling with Sean means playing in the mystery and walking the path of human development at the same time—think growing self awareness, interpersonal mastery, integrating shadow unconsciousness and experience transcendental wisdom.