Play Room
May 24, Wednesday
09:00 – 12:00
Budapest (CEST)

Circling and Surrendered Leadership: Live Practice

IEC Conference: 2023

The timeless depth of the other starts to light up, the bread crumb trail of their unique continuum of pure and gritty life experience is culminating here and now. It was hidden in plain sight all along. The pathways to their vulnerable heart become transparent. No other has walked that path.

Then comes the mirror. Unarguable plain-as-daylight or hall of mirrors like reflection opens up the source code of our personality – the boundaries we didn’t know we needed, lost children within, parts missed by words, hidden chasms of joy and bliss, kinks in our integrity, remembrances of innocence, dark parts, and keys to our gifts and deepest sense of meaning.


United Kingdom

John Thompson is the co-founder of Circling Europe, the organisation most primarily behind Circling spreading the world this last decade. He originated the 5 principles of Circling and Surrendered Leadership and has trained and certified hundreds of Circling facilitators. John is also an Integral Master Coach and a Master NARM Facilitator. He’s worked with world class leaders in AI, Collective Intelligence, Sport and business and recently developed a Circling Coaching training programme. Previously John ran an elite tennis academy based on Integral Philosophy, authored award winning papers and started an internationally famous project for street children in Delhi. John’s kindness and empathy are equal to his fierce heart and his passion to uncover what’s most important.