Committed Leadership

IEC Conference: cancelled

What could a leadership culture of the next generation look like? And how could the right organizations be created? If we could act freely and without regard to personal or other constraints, we would be able to make good decisions. This benefits us, our employees, our companies, as well as the economic and social systems in which these companies are embedded. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
This miracle is possible. Comprehensive scientific work as well as spiritual insight and living human examples confirm that such a state can be achieved.
Committed Leadership enables people and organisations to access this new consciousness.
Committed Leadership is based on Spiral Dynamics, the Brilliance Cycle, personal experiences and the Integral Model. We help individuals to develop their awareness and organizations to create the conditions for a corporate culture free of constraints.
The presentation is intended to raise awareness of the Committed Leadership initiative, present the current state of our experience and knowledge and encourage listeners to become actively involved in the concept.

EBER, Alhiama


Alhiama´s passion is catalysing conscious creation. Her gift is to transform limitations, trauma, fear and the sense of separation into openness, connection, genuine presence and embodied love. She encourages leaders of all ages to access their innate wisdom, to trust and take on the responsibility to create a new business world, where people are free to live their full potential for the benefit of all. Dedicated to fulfil this mission Stefan Mierzowski & Alhiama co-founded Commited Leadership.



Stefan Mierzowski (54) is a management consultant and business coach. Reflecting on years of working experience with his clients, he knows, that taking on responsibility is a key skill for long lasting success in all the great tasks of life.
Based on this insight he embarked on a personal journey of development that led to a deep process of insight. With Committed Leadership he is now bringing together people who are dedicated to change and act for the true purpose in life.