Embodied Yoga – Flow, We Space and Relaxation

IEC Conference: cancelled

This series of Embodied Yoga morning practices will offer care and nourishment for the body so we can thrive throughout the day at IEC. As we listen, engage, network and inspire at IEC our bodily needs can easily be forgotten. Embodied Yoga offers bodily care and creates a container in which we can be with whatever is present in the moment so that our day starts with refilled batteries. An embodied Yoga practice offers guidance into a more dynamic or more gentle practice, yet always leaving enough space for your own exploration, pace and needs. Your body is the main guide here!

Throughout these days we will have two we space based morning practices – one day more active, the next day more slow and relaxed. This form of Yoga arose from the wish to integrate insights from we space practices into an active bodily experience. Together we will co-create the space in which there is enough room for a felt sense of unity as well as our individuality. Yoga gets a totally different dynamic if we understand each other as mutual contributors that co-create a space of freedom and support for who we are at this moment in time. Setting community over competition!

Please check the program for detailed description of each class on the respective days! Bring your own Yoga mat and props if available!

PILHOFER, Katharina


Katharina is an embodiment coach supporting rising solopreneurs to bring their purpose work into the world through and with the wisdom of the body. She is passionate about guiding people in finding their own direction and compass from within as well as building the inner resilience to show up confidently with what they have to offer. Katharina combines her background in business studies and HR consulting with her training in Feminine Embodiment Coaching, Somatic Experiencing and other embodiment modalities.

Besides 1:1 work, Katharina loves to create spaces where people can explore their relational self in a somatic sense. She has trained and grown with Embodied Intimacy, Authentic Relating and Circling and is passionate about weaving contexts in which human beings can bring and relate from their embodied (somatic) truth in the moment.

She is a student of Reggie Ray & the Dharma Ocean lineage, dedicated Yoga Nidra practitioner, forest worshipper and mystic at heart.