Integral Education for Teens and Pre-teens

IEC Conference: cancelled

Educational and upbringing systems worldwide are going through a wave of innovative methodologies. Delivering Integral Education to teenagers and preteens proposes a new paradigm that recognizes multiple intelligences and personalities requiring attention and validation.

“Integral Education for Teens and Pre-teens” guides an Integral Educator in the transformational process from just a teacher into becoming a true facilitator of students’ growth into adulthood while maintaining their self-esteem intact and enhancing a healthy sense of responsibility.

We will mention:

–      the challenges and obstacles facing the Integral Educator for teens

–      some methodologies and philosophies, adjusted to fit the young age to present the Stages conscientiously, with a new sense of self-emergence, sense of self-identity & self-esteem.

The presentation talks about an experience of how to understand, respect, connect with, and motivate – Planetary Awake while delivering Integral Knowledge to young adults and making the Integral educational process about people touching the essence of other people.


Egypt / Ukraine

Nataliia Bolshakova cofounded The Consciousness Academy / Enneagram Egypt, the internationally accredited Enneagram school for psychological and spiritual development and awakening, in 2015. She holds the title of President of Enneagram Egypt school and works as a methodologist and a psychologist for the school.

In early 2019 Ms. Bolshakova initiated and launched the Enneagram Egypt School Project, the main goal of which is to educate and spread and raise self-awareness among teachers, students, and parents of students in Egyptian schools.

Ms. Bolshakova holds a Master’s degree in Philology and Educational Sciences and a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology.

Ms. Bolshakova also has numerous practitioner and master’s degrees in education and human development, including Methodology of Modern Education, Mindfu­­lness and inner work, Psychotherapeutical Studies, Symbol-drama, NLP, Family Constellations, and the Integral Enneagram.