Organic organization — organic consciousness

IEC Conference: cancelled

At the beginning of the workshop we will present (in 15 mins) our integral theory based organic organization model, a model that can help to facilitate the development of organizations towards organic consciousness.

Based on this integral model of organization development we created a self-assessment tool. In the first part of the workshop the participants (leaders and practitioners) will all receive and fill out this questionnaire. According to their job title they can answer the questions from their own organization’s point of view, or from a client’s point of view.

In the second part of the workshop participants work in small groups. They present their assessment and their case studies (their own or their a client’s). They choose one case on the small group works on it together. Then the groups share their findings with each other in the big group.

In the third and final part of the workshop we will choose a case study to analyze together using the O2/OC model in the big group.

Participants will come away with a new understanding of a coherent new structure in their mind of how an organic organization can be developed. They learn how to use integral thinking to help organizations towards organic consciousness.



Organization designer, purpose coach & culture expert. He works with leaders, change-makers and their organizations applying his Purpose Inspired Transformation methodology. He co-founded Europe’s favorite festival when he was 20. His startup Carnation Group was acquired by WPP. His 3rd co. Darwin’s Marketing Evolution is based on his PhD using meme science to transform corporate culture. He was a fellow at Yale University. He is a partner and director of in-Depth SOULutions, Budapest.