Marbella II.
May 25, Thursday
15:30 – 18:00
Budapest (CEST)

Partner in Planetary Awakening: Follow Your Dreams

IEC Conference: 2023

In this experiential workshop, we will learn how living our heartfelt dreams contributes to planetary awakening. What if the Universe planted your dreams in your heart to evolve itself? By cooperating with what calls your heart and embarking on your own hero’s journey, you are participating in planetary awakening. We will support each other in reconnecting with and re-igniting our heartfelt dreams, then liberate shadow that might get in the way. You’ll have an opportunity to create a bespoke plan to support yourself on your own hero’s journey. You will leave with practices, plans for next actions, inspiration, and even a little magic. What if the Universe planted your dreams in your heart to make YOU come True?

GOLIN, Cindy Lou

United Kingdom / United States

Cindy Lou Golin, PhD is a leadership coach, life coach, workshop facilitator, and instructional designer with decades of experience focused on human transformation. She has a PhD in transpersonal psychology and additional graduate certificates including clinical psychology, spiritual psychology, and creative expression. She has served as faculty at Integral-Institute, JFK University (ILP, Shadow), Ten Directions (Integral Facilitator), and now the Real LIFE Academy. With an expertise in Shadow Play, she’s recently published The Shadow Playbook, with over 100 practices. Cindy Lou helps clients untie their egoic knots and shift into more authentic, heartfelt expression. She has a knack for facilitating personal insights, then helping you translate them into meaningful practices that create ongoing, sustainable change.