Reinvent Yourself – Lead with Presence & Radiance

IEC Conference: cancelled

In this intensive and unique workshop, we’ll create our personal leadership fingerprint with the help of different models and systems. Integral Theory is the dance floor, some specific theatre and coaching practices are the music, and YOU are the ONE who will dance with what arises. No worries, there are no special leadership or dancing skills needed! You don’t have to do any public speaking, singing, dancing, acting or fooling around. (Unless you choose to). Bring your curiosity and we will start to discover and play around with different leadership roles.The workshop is divided into 5 parts. 1)Setting the intention: Who are you? What are your expectations? What do you want to get out of this workshop?2)Discovering your leadership style: How do you move, stand and breathe? What are your power games? 3)Shining light on the shadow side of Leadership: What feelings are you suppressing or avoiding? Who do you ignore, admire or hate? What makes you angry? Which monsters are you fighting?4)Awaken the radiance and presence in your leadership Self: Who do you want to be? Which role are you choosing today to play on the world stage?5)Feedback and Feedforward: What have you learnt? How can you go forward beyond this experience? Show up if you•want to invest in playful practices that enhance your flexibility and adaptability•are curious to experiment with different roles •feel like taking risks in a caring environment•desire to connect from heart to heart

WERNLI, Marc Jean

Switzerland / South Africa

In his unique MW-EMBODIMENT-COACHING Marc unified his life experiences to help organisations and leaders ‘to EMBODY the CHANGE they want to BE’.
He used to work as a German Theatre director and professor, but after a bomb attack in Israel his theatre ambitions ‘blew up in the air’. He started a spiritual journey which led him to Barcelona where he worked in different jobs, studied Yoga, founded a family… His life took a new turn when he certified as an Integral Master Coach!