Play Room
May 25, Thursday
15:30 – 18:00
Budapest (CEST)

Shadow work with integral constellation

IEC Conference: 2023

Shadow work is essential for the planetary awakening. It is also a personal task for each of us.

We want to show you, through our own experience, one of our most effective and powerful systemic constellation tools. In this 2.5 hour workshop you will experience how to integrate the shadow or an aspect of it with the help of integral constellation work. We will work in small groups of 3, so everyone will have a deep experience of their own. The process can touch many layers of the human consciousness, not only the profound, but also our trans-generational, karmic and collective levels. You can encounter exactly what your soul is working with. That is why the process can be very touching, come when you are ready for a real transformative process.

We are integral counselors working with constellation. We began our group sessions with traditional family constellations 13 years ago. Since then, we have reframed our work in many ways based on integral theory. We are combining constellation work with other methods (e.g. psychodrama, body- and somatic work, energy work) depending on the client’s level of consciousness.

BEDŐ, Nóra


Graduated from Integral Academy in 2011 and working since then as an integral counselor. Founder of “Szereteterő” Integral Therapy Center in Budapest. Her main passion in the healing work is Systemic Constellation, also known as Family Constellation. Experimented for a long time with combining integral theory and constellation work, and developed the methodology of integral constellation work with Péter Kemény. Together they have also been teaching it for healing professionals since 2018.



Péter Kemény Integral Coach and Constellation Facilitator. He is a teacher and school founder of Integral Constellation method with Nóra Bedő in Budapest. He specializes in family constellations and healing processes, working not only with family patterns, but also on karmic and collective levels. He co-facilitated the last two European constellations at IEC.