Standing Waves, Oceans and Fields

IEC Conference: cancelled

Christopher Cooke offers a view on enabling human emergence.

COOKE, Christopher

United Kingdom

I have grown with the integral movement since 1997.  Today my offering is a framework known as Full-spectrum Emergence. My scope of utilisation is from ‘Soil to Stomach to Soul’. My insatiable curiosity is to witness how this experiment of humanity in the Universe unfolds over the long run of time.

Full Spectrum Emergence is shaped, refined and amplified through practice and through the conceptual frames such as those offered by Jan Smuts (1926), Arthur Young (1976), Ken Wilber (1976 onwards), The Graves Technology (Clare W Graves 1978), Spiral Dynamics (Beck and Cowan 1996), Spiral Dynamics Integral (Beck and Wilber 1998), Omnology (Howard Bloom 2001), Solonics (Cooke and Cooke 2011), Human Emergence Framework (Cooke and Cooke 2017). I am actively seeking out those who are gradually revealing the next wave of the true nature of life on Earth in the Universe; What is emerging is literally beyond conventional belief and will force us to re-examine every basic assumption of how we manage our lives on Earth and prepare Humanity for a new role in the Universe.

My original involvement with the Integral Movement (1997) stemmed from an early desire, in 1983, to find a point of view that could help me make sense of myself; my point of entry was Spiral Dynamics.  In 1998, at an early meeting about the foundations of the Integral Institute, my life changed radically as I committed my life to ‘Enabling Human Emergence’.  My focus since that time has been twofold: 1. As an educator and mentor to all who might be interested and  2. as a practitioner with creative improvisation as a primary competency.

My passion for stuff that works has led me to work in many sectors around the world. By some strange attractor field,  I was invited into ‘traumatised organisations’, and social hotspots. My involvement with the recovery from the 30-year drought (1980-2010) in Australia took me into a significant new phase of working with a foundational dynamic of All-life on Earth and specifically the regenerative patterns, processes and nature of green growing plants in healthy soil.

I operate out of the UK through 5 Deep ( and 3LM ( The unifying purpose of our collective experiment is “Imagineering a Regenerative Layer”.