Marbella I.
May 26, Friday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

The colour Purple – global soul, spirituality

IEC Conference: 2023

The Purple-archetype in Spiral Dynamics integral represents tribalistic values of safety and the relative status of one’s place in the community. But what happens when a child is raised with the logic in an ecology that holds these values dearly; but morphs through different stages and outside the tribe?

BO or Purple value systems accounts for the majority of the population both in the world and in the United States. To a larger extent, this is also true of emerging economies; and geo-political systems under crises. The leadership challenge of how to lead in a Purple organisation to influence meaningful change, seems to be universal. The devout loyalty of this worldview, makes it especially susceptible to influence, both good and bad. However, the world cannot move in any meaningful direction without Purple.

In fact, perhaps, the only way to combats today’s worldwide political and philosophical divisiveness is with leadership deeply grounded in the colour Purple. Contemporary thought advocates for children to make courageous moves to break out of the norm and proclaim independence. Do we then transcend and include?

Leaving one’s tribe is not easy, though, and becoming a leader outside of it is statistically inaccessible. Because those raised with deep Purple, but emerging to Second Tier due to their own transitions; often lose their tiara familiar support as they are seen to leave Purple. Attentive and concentrated Second Tier support is critical.

Without a plan for the Second Tier to identify, follow and backstop Purple as they transcend from their “safety of belonging”, those raised Purple and emerging to Second Tier are left with only luck as a strategy. Second Tier’s attention to supporting Purple-based emergents, at all stages, may be the key to replacing luck with purposiveness.

An auto-ethnographical reflection supported with deep theory.


South Africa

Dr Rica Viljoen  is a well-known Human Resource Executive, researcher, sought-after international systems psychodynamic-facilitator and Jungian coach who specialises in diversity and multiculturalism. She is associated with the Da Vinci Institute for Business Leadership, the Jungian Coaching School Africa and acts as the Human Resource Executive: Strategy for the Meridian Group of Companies. She currently handles the international integration of companies in Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Rica was the founder member of Mandala Consulting, a niche organisational development house that worked in 42 different countries. She developed the Benchmark of Engagement, a research approach to understand social dynamics in systems – an approach that is widely acknowledge as a way to build trust and support the cultural optimisation resulting in business results.

With the adaptation of a scholarly-scientific-practitioner organisational developmental approach, Rica continues to contribute to the publishing of case studies, international coaching and consulting on organisational dynamics, culture, social system dynamics and multiculturalism.. She supervised more than 90 PhD and Masters students.

Rica received the Institute of People Management CEO award for her national and international contribution to the field of study (2017) and the South African Board of People Practices CEO award (2021) as an acknowledgment of her contribution towards the profession. Her doctorate on Inclusivity in Organisations as radical transformational strategy, received an global award for one of the 10 best contributions to the field of study by the Academy of Management.

Rica served, with honour, as the 13th and 14th South African Board of People Practices Board. She is also on the Exco and chair one of the subcommittees of the Board. Her key interest resides in supporting organisations to create inclusive cultures through the optimisation of individual leadership behaviour, functional group dynamics and organisational sustainability, contextually applied. Rica worked closely with dr Don Beck (USA) to translate spiral dynamic theory in a pragmatic way and with dr Avi Goren-Bar (Israel) on Jungian coaching. She is widely published, academically and in practice. Amongst other publications she co-authored the book Spiral Dynamics in Action, currently translated in nine languages.

Her life purpose is to tell untold stories and help leaders to find their voice. She is the co-chair of the ISPSO AM 2023; to be hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa.