Social Permaculture: Integral Tools for Awakening

Permaculture is commonly known as integrated gardening/farming, as it has traditionally focused on “Earth Care.” Despite that focus on the “exterior,” permaculture was always meant to be a whole systems approach to sustainable living. In recent years “Social Permaculture” has been emerging, building on the social changes initiated in the 60s, and going beyond the […]

4 Quadrants of Dragon Dreaming and Medicine Wheel

The Dragon Dreaming (DD) mandala holds enduring wisdom from the Purple era of the Australian Aborigines. Walking the mandala’s four quadrants can help us to see and meet ourselves and each other. It can reveal how we walk with differences in our communities, and how our natural differences have been shaped by powerful contemporary and […]

Integral Bioregional Regeneration: Italy & Beyond

Since the awakening of the 1960s, people and projects around the world have been continuing to practice holistic forms of personal and collective development and new norms of the Interior and Exterior We. Currently, we are in a “next level” era of Integral awakening: in the synergy of Web3 leaders living and working with somatic, […]

La Alegría del Viaje Personal

¿Quieres aportar a un legado de consciencia integral a las próximas generaciones? En este taller intensivo vivirás un viaje de reconocimiento y reconciliación con aspectos fragmentados, polarizados y excluidos de nuestros orígenes colectivos y de tu historia personal. Podrás liberar tu energía para atender tu momento presente con mayor vitalidad y conexión con tu propósito […]

Cultivating Emergence

How are we cultivating—co-holding and curating—the embers within us all for transformation? The presentation draws on our collective experiences—20 years of Generating Transformative Change, Emergent Leadership and Integral Sustainability engagement. It features key lessons we’ve co-learnt, with many participants, as we are responding to our challenging times. The times mean embracing the unknown, the unwanted, […]

An Integral Approach to Pregnancy and Childbirth

What better place to support the 2.0 version of planetary awakening than by working more consciously with the extraordinarily impactful (yet incredibly common) experience of childbirth and creation? In this engaging and interactive presentation, Brooke Radloff, M.A. PMH-C presents the need for humanity to move beyond the fragmented and flawed models of maternity care that […]

What becomes possible? – An Embodied Vision.

Today’s biggest untapped resources (inner, outer, individual, and collective) are unlocked through inner work. In a world where it is virtually possible for everyone to enjoy of the previous highest human achievement of inner work at the beginning of their life, what becomes possible? As a 21 year-old living stably in some of the highest […]

Awakening Interbeing: A New We

Come get a taste of Awakened Interbeing, where the relational field wakes up to itself, as us.  In this experiential workshop, we’ll engage in a handful of different practices to open this emerging spiritual experience: pointing out instructions to ground in awareness and awakening; relational practices to open awareness to the space between us; and, […]

The Shadow Side of Planetary Awakening:

We love individual awakening for the planet. We love planetary awakening for the individual. And we love collective awakening in general. But what is the shadow side of all this “awakening”? In this dynamic workshop, Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta team up once again to explore the science and mysticism of evolutionary awakening. But, of […]

The Spiritually Transformative Nature of Grief

Awakening includes the process of individuation by which we evolve from a system, culture, stage or state into higher consciousness. This process includes the experience of loss, whether ego death, loss of relationships, beliefs, structures or ways of relating to the world. Loss is inherent in human development. Grief is a natural reaction to loss while […]