From Hunter to Hero, from Princess to Visionary

Explore the depth of your Selves. Come along on a playful, yet deep and transformative journey of self-discovery and community building facilitated by the Selves card deck. Bring a question, a conflict or a dilemma, see yourself reflected by familiar characters, and unfold your answer by playing the game of Selves. Selves consist of 54 […]

The Heart of the Enneagram: An Integral approach

The Enneagram is a compelling psycho-spiritual universal model that guides us into understanding our deepest archetypal core and finding our higher meaning and purpose. Unfortunately, when studied superficially, it turns into a tool for classification, judgment, and a weapon we use to justify ourselves and attack others. In this visual and interactive session, we take […]

Nature’s we-space, home of the ecocentric self.

Join EarthMind in exploring how an interpersonal relationship with nature can be cultivated, and support our individual and collective healing and growth. UR and LR focus on technology, political and socioeconomic solutions fail to move the hearts of people into action. Ego, ethno, and worldcentric levels of self-identity must transform into ecocentric identities including the […]

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