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Ken Wilber

United States
World-renowned writer, founder of Integral Theory
Integral Planetary Awakening

Dr. Gabor Maté

Canada / Hungary
Bestselling author, phyisician, trauma expert
It’s All One: Awakening to Reality, Within and Without

Dr. Robert Kegan

United States
Developmental psychologist, Harvard University
Shadow and Light in Adult Development

Bence Gánti

Hungary / United States
psychologist, founder of IEC and Integral Academy
How to support the health of the global integral movement?

Terri O'Fallon

United States
Theorist, researcher, co-founder of Pacific Integral
The Evolution of Planetary Awakening

Dr. Marco Robledo

Business Economics Professor, writer, University of the Balearics
Welcome to the 3D World of Integral Business

Vivian Dittmar

Bestselling author, wisdom teacher
Awakening to Unity in a Fragmented World

Marcelo Cardoso

Businessman, founder of Integral Instiute Brazil, CEO Metaintegral Associates
The topography of Work: an integral experiment

Dr. Mariana Bozesan

Author, sustainability and finance expert
The Future, AI and Consciousness

Dr. Gail Hochachka

Climate change researcher, Postdoctoral Fellow
Finding one’s own soul-centric climate action

Dr. Rica Viljoen

South Africa
Master human resource executive, Spiral Dynamics expert and Jungian coach
The Never-ending and Ever-changing Dance of Being

Diana Murillo Bohórquez

Psychotherapist and university professor
The joy of the shared journey while in therapy

Nomali Perera

United States
Executive and personal development coach and facilitator
Integral! Let's Not Vanish Into Thin Air

Watch the Keynote Speakers via Live Streaming

If you cannot attend  the conference in person, you can have partial online streaming access. You can also get the conference recordings.

We will live stream the keynote speakers of IEC 2023. Keynote speakers are the 13 distinguished main speakers, appearing on the main stage. The other 120 speakers – 100+ presentations and workshops – and ten deep, all-community state experience events will not be broadcast. These can be accessed only in person. If you choose to come rather in person click here

In our era, online platforms often seem to replace real human connections. We still believe that what makes a community real are the live events. In these, people meet each other and spend time together with the global integral community. Honoring those who wish to be there but cannot come, we offer this partial viewing option through our live stream offering.

Day 2 | May 24, Wednesday

Main Hall Plenary

Toscana (Main Hall)
Toscana (Main Hall)
Toscana (Main Hall)
Toscana (Main Hall)
May 24, Wednesday • 17:00 – 17:30
Toscana (Main Hall)

Day 3 | May 25, Thursday

Main Hall Plenary

Toscana (Main Hall)
Toscana (Main Hall)

Day 4 | May 26, Friday

Main Hall Plenary

Toscana (Main Hall)
Toscana (Main Hall)
Toscana (Main Hall)

Day 5 | May 27, Saturday

Main Hall Plenary

Toscana (Main Hall)
Toscana (Main Hall)

Day 6 | May 28, Sunday

Main Hall Plenary

Toscana (Main Hall)
Toscana (Main Hall)

Times are in CEST (Budapest time zone, UTC/GMT + 2 hours)!

Get the Conference Recordings

If you do come to the conference in person, you can also get the recordings, so that you can listen to any presentations you missed, or listen to the talks multiple times.

Recordings of the conference presentations will be available. This includes around 100 recorded presentations including the streamed 13 keynote speakers. However, it excludes 60 experiential workshops and ten all-community big events, including integral deep dive mass processes for healing and opening, different kinds of socializers, and musical, dance, and cultural events that won’t be recorded.

Online download access to the recordings will be available for a 6-month period, from June to December, 2023. If you download material, it is yours for life, for personal use only. You cannot use the material for commercial purposes.

Lifetime Access

With our Full Experience and Basic packages, you have the option to download all the video and audio materials. These resources become a part of your personal growth library, available for a lifetime of learning.

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