Bolivia / Colombia

Raul Aramayo Salinas. Economist, Master in Business Planning and Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapist, Integral Process Coach, Interior Positioning Therapist, Professional Facilitator and Creator of the Integral Facilitation of Collective Processes model, Integral Mapping for project management in contexts complex, the 6 Disciplines of Mediating Leadership and Transcendent Communication

He has worked as a Consultant for Governments of the Region and International Cooperation on issues related to dialogue, agreement and peace building in Latin America. He is currently CEO of LA VIDA INTEGRAL, Founder of PRAGMAGIA and co-founder of CENTRO INTEGRAL COLOMBIA. All these companies are dedicated to the creation and sharing of tools that allow the AQAL comprehensive approach to drive group and personal growth.

Most of his time is dedicated to the experience of well-being, the poetry of life and internal practices. He offers an alternative proposal to the current models of personal and collective development to accompany individuals, organizations and communities to achieve fundamental Well-being.