Wilber was born in 1949 in Oklahoma City. In 1967 he enrolled as a pre-med student at Duke University. He became inspired, like many of his generation, by Eastern literature, particularly the Tao Te Ching. He left Duke and enrolled at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, but after a few years dropped out of […]

SCHMITT, Matthias

Entrepreneurial spirit who connects deep knowledge in leadership, sales, & organizational building with the burning purpose of supporting the evolution of consciousness. At the core of my work lies the integration of a heart-centered masculinity to give rise to a compassionate femininity (both space-holders for integral traits, no attribution to gender) in business and societal […]

GREEN, Micheline

Micheline Green, M.Ed, MCC  is an Integral Master Coach™ and Senior Faculty at Integral Coaching Canada. She has extensive neuroscience knowledge that stems from 25 + years of experience as a School Counselor working with children, parents, teachers, and directors in the Waldorf , Montessori and Self Design school movements. She coaches private clients from […]


Born 1975 on a farm brought me into my first life profession of being a trained vet. That followed a 17-year career at the University of Munich as a scientist and lecturer in the field of physiology and immunology. Personal challenges, dealing with getting triplets and a divorce, got me into personal development, opening a […]

WINNING, Caroline

Caroline Winning supports the integral development of organizations and individuals. She is a psychologist, trainer for nonviolent communication, integral coach and works with systemic constellations in the field of transgenerational trauma. In her work she links shadow work with transpersonal development fostering a healthy, grounded spirituality. With Human Evolve, she created an intensive year-long program […]


I delight in showing up as a companion to the next generations. Through weaving educational containers that support learners in their development, I aspire to create what I believe the world needs: a truly integral education for the 21st century that we can feel excited about. Beyond this drive to emerge new educational patterns, I […]

CARR, Wayne Dr.

Dr. Carr is a Licensed Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Integralist, Spiritual Teacher, Philosopher, Writer, Blogger and Remote Viewer. He is the Executive Director of Enlightenment Institute. He has a psychotherapy practice in the Seattle Area. He has worked many years with men’s groups, couples, relationships, and spiritually oriented groups. He has led many workshops in the US […]

CRAN, Alistair

Alistair lived a fairly conventional life, building a family, a career in Information Technology over 30 years and travelling extensively. There was often a deeper sense, at times, of something more and a set of experiences that seemed unexplainable. Since 2014 a storm of growing up, waking up, and cleaning up blew through his life […]


David has a background in environmental studies, spiritual and life force practices and is a crypto enthusiast. In a phase of transformation in his life, David has been guided through synchronicities to meet the Infinity Speaks team and project at the perfect timing. His current role is the implementation of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) for […]


As a conscious technologist Julius has found his Ikigai in creating transformative tech applications for more mindful, heartful and meaningful interactions. Through synchronicities this has brought him to Infinity Speaks where he is mostly wearing the hats of a developer and interaction designer to craft soul-touching VR experiences. Besides his fascination for VR he truly […]