Doctor-Psychotherapist, psychophysiologist,MD, aerospace faculty of the Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg Individual and Family psychotherapy, MAPA, Bekhterev institute, St. Petersburg Integral Coaching, Coaching Institute, DanaCarmanIntegral, USA Depth Coaching, International Academy for Deep Transformation Coaching of couples, Erickson Col.International, Family Business Consulting, Carmel Institute for Family Business, CA, USA Process-oriented approach in counseling, Institute for Process […]

RAO, Anand

Anand Rao studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, where he specialized in theoretical physics and advanced mathematics. He further pursued a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering at Imperial College, London. Subsequently, he spent 20 years in oil & gas corporate consulting, contributing significantly to the industry with his expertise. However, over time, Anand shifted his […]

VASISHT, Samata Dr.

I partner with organizations to create a culture of flourishing encompassing individual wellbeing and shared resilience operating at the the intersection of grounded spirituality, contemporary science for ultimately benefitting society. I personally transformed from being a physician treating illness to a wellbeing facilitator healing the whole person and a transformational coach actualizing potential. I have […]

EISENMAN, Theodore

I have been engaging with integral theory and evolutionary spirituality since 2005, and this perspective infuses virtually every aspect of my life. In my professional work as a university professor in city planning and landscape architecture, my scholarship concerns the historical, scientific, cultural, and design bases of urban greening, which I define as a social […]


Marc Mathys is an accomplished specialist in organizational transformation, a certified professional coach, and a serial social entrepreneur. He holds an Engineering degree, an MBA in Responsible Management & Leadership, and has extensive experience in management positions. In 2018, Marc co-founded Paradigm21, a Swiss-based company that specializes in guiding organizations on the path of transforming […]


Tanja is a soul walking on planet earth – like everybody else, though different. Her own path from subconsciously betraying her authentic self over decades, feeling defeated and victimized by herself – without even knowing –  she eventually realised that everything that she went through had the potential to get the best out of her. […]


Daniel is a denizen of the territory of Coast Salish people, living partly in Bellingham WA and partly in the Canadian Gulf Islands.  He is a lifelong educator who co-founded an experiential high school in the 1990s and has run educational programs around the world. Daniel currently works as an educational consultant, coach, and writer.  […]


Jahn is an experienced founder of startups and also serves as a mentor for such companies. He is particularly interested in acting in the role of an enabler to help others achieve their goals. Jahn is a staunch user of Spiral Dynamics and has been trained as an integral leader in a rapidly changing business […]


Jodee’s incredibly colorful background allows her to connect with any audience. Jodee Gibson, PCC is an expert on transformational healing in leadership. As a professional coach and speaker, she has created massive change and generated millions of dollars for her clients including National Institute of Health, the International Coaching Federation, the University of Michigan and […]

KEGAN, Robert Dr.

Dr. Robert Kegan is regularly referred to as the greatest living authority in the field of adult development today (but this is only because he has outlived the more talented contributors). His ground-breaking works on human and organizational behavior – The Evolving Self, In Over Our Heads, Immunity to Change, How the Way We Talk […]