Masters in IT (double cum laude);
ex-engineer worked in global tech;
met my twin-flame, everything exploded creatively and for self-development;
discovered calling in food;
suddenly, my partner experienced psychosis;
this threw me into the deepest ends of reality;
fast-forward a few years of depression and a second psychosis;
which led to heaven on earth and intense openings to never-before-realized unifications;

a vehicle for the Integral Wizard:
– a love-based/ Unitive archetype;
– a chain of portals;
– a full-spectrum school of thought;

more specifically, I am
encoding reality, harmonizing the self;
co-founder of Art of Food Academy;
open-source crypto cloud architect;
integral investor, educator, and entrepreneur;
gardener, community builder;
husband and dad.

“Love EveryOne & tell the Truth”