Tim is a health psychologist from Germany with a strong background in evidence-based practice, public health, and positive psychology. He holds a Master’s degree in Health Psychology and a degree in Business Psychology, and has been self-employed since 2016.

Throughout the pandemic, Tim has focused on supporting long-term unemployed individuals by providing psychological aid and helping them to reintegrate into society. Currently he is also working as an academic in a university, teaching courses on evidence-based practice and public health.

Recently, Tim has been collaborating with two colleagues to build a practical course on the application of positive psychology, which has been a significant focus over the past year. He is passionate about helping individuals to achieve their full potential and experience greater well-being, and believes that the concept of “flow” can play a vital role in this process.

With his extensive experience in psychology and public health, Tim is uniquely positioned to guide individuals through the practical techniques that can aid in engagement and well-being.