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Vibrant Collaboration

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Marabella I.

Friday, 25th May

Project: Vocational Arousal

During collaboration within teams and organizations, sometimes dynamics appear between the co-workers that lead to various conditions that have to do with how they relate with each other. Conditions which include stagnation, tensions, stability or flow. Particularly, the dynamics between feminine and masculine forces seem to amplify these dynamics. With feminine and masculine I don’t mean women and men, but the essential principles which can be active in different flavors in all genders.

Many of these dynamics are generated by feelings and emotions, and even sexual attraction or its opposite, which are often unnoticed by the people involved and can have unconscious consequences. In this presentation I like to explore how such emotions, as well as our life force, are influencing our collaboration in teams and organizations.

About Heinz Robert:

Heinz Robert is a passionate bridge-builder and catalyst for transformational processes. He is a long-time Integral practitioner and experienced and trained in Spiral Dynamics, Theory U, Transparent Communication, and other Authentic Relating practices like Circling. In his current work he encourages and empowers business leaders to unleash the power of the natural driving force of Eros, to liberate the potential of their organizations.

Website: https://heinzrobert.com

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