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The Energetics and Healing of Europe

ECOintention – healing organizations & eco-systems

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Thursday, May 28th, 2020
11:30 – 13:30

Ibiza II.
Saturday, May 30th, 2020
15:30 – 16:45

ECOintention – healing organizations & eco-systems

This workshop will introduce the concept and some of the basic practices involved in healing and transforming large scale systems. By consciously engaging the subtle energetic dynamics of organizations and eco-systems we can help create the conditions for more life-affirming cultures, environments, and productivity.
ECOintention has been developed over 25 years. A 4-year vocational training has produced ECOintention Practitioners working internationally in domains as diverse as business, agriculture, education, and healthcare. The practices have been well researched in multiple domains and continually demonstrated statistically-significant impact.
ECOintention Practitioners bring healthy energy and flow into organizations and at the same time coach the client. This holistic approach makes awareness-raising, whole system change happens more quickly and last longer. They learned to perceive, interpret and enhance life energy. They teach the client how their organization functions energetically, how they can improve the energy using their heart and direct it with their intention.
ECOintention combines modern science and ancient wisdom into a practical method. The basic principle is Mind Moves Matter.

The Energetics and Healing of Europe

Over the last 10 years, Hans Andeweg, Rijk Bols and others related to the Center for ECOintention in the Netherlands have been exploring the energetic body of Europe with the question of whether there are useful interventions that could be made for large scale healing. This had included working at a distance with maps as well as specific site visits of important European acupuncture areas. As a result, the ‘Organism Europe’ was found; a living entity with 33 parts, so-called holons. The shape of a holon is determined by its geographical location and geological structures in the earth’s crust. This foundation influences the biological, social and cultural processes. Each holon has, like an organ, a special function. ECOintention research showed, that the energy and vitality of most of the holons is very low. This explains many current developments in Europe from refugees to populism. From a healing point of view, holon 29 in Central Europe is the most important. It includes parts of Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and Romania. Therefore Center for ECOintention has developed large scale projects in this holon, in areas with a high transformational potential. The workshop will include the story of the work, an opportunity to experience the different energies yourself and an exploration of how Project Europe Energetics could be developed within a broader network and in other holons/countries.

About Hans Andeweg:

Hans Andeweg is General Manager of Center for ECOintention and initiator of the Europe Energetics Project and author of the books ‘In Resonance with Nature’ and ‘The Universe Loves A Happy Ending’. ECOintention is a remote healing method bringing healthy energy into large scale organizations and ecosystems. It combines modern science with ancient wisdom in a practical method. The Center for ECOintenion has more than 25 years of experience in applying the method in numerous international projects.

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