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The Evolution of Feelings

Your Inner GPS – Transrational Thought in Practice

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Keynote: The Evolution of Feelings

The subject of feelings and emotions has long been a blind spot, be it in philosophy, spirituality, or even psychology. However, in the past decades, the rapid advances in neuro-science and AI-research have revealed feelings to be an integral part of human intelligence, inseparable from our cognitive processes.
Vivian Dittmar, renowned expert on emotional intelligence and author of „The Power of Feelings”, presents an evolutionary perspective on the subject. She offers clear distinctions between various phenomena we commonly call feelings and explains why it’s important to discern them. She further highlights the relevance of challenging feelings such as anger, fear, or sadness and reveals how these can evolve from destructive forces to positive, life-affirming powers.

Workshop: Your Inner GPS – Transrational Thought in Practice

A growing number of people have already begun to navigate their lives using transrational cognitive processes – often without being fully aware of what they are and how they work. Vivian Dittmar has identified four distinctly different disciplines of transrational thought: inspiration, intuition, intention, and the heart intelligence. Together with the fifth discipline of thought, our rational mind, they form our inner GPS. In this workshop, Dittmar maps out the characteristics and inter-play of these five disciplines of thought, providing you with a deepened understanding of each cognitive faculty and inviting you on an experiential journey to explore them through guided meditations.

About Vivian Dittmar:

Vivian Dittmar is a passionate explorer of consciousness and culture from a very young age. Born in Germany, Vivian grew up in Europe, Asia, and North America. She founded the non-profit Be the Change Foundation and is a consultant at the Terra Institute.
As the author of „The Power of Feelings” and six other books, she has become a sought after expert and keynote speaker on the subject of emotional intelligence. Her latest book – Your Inner GPS – explores the subject of transrational thought.

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