Abhishek Thakore

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2069: Ecosystems for collective churning

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2069: Ecosystems for collective churning

In the path of collective evolution, to transcend these we need to build an interconnected ‘ecosystem’ of organizations and individuals responding to the current crisis. We need to imagine a future together because we will have to face it together. How can we vision a future world that takes into account our own diversity?

2069?: The Youth Fest is one such experiment to radically redefine the way we collaborate and co-create a vision for the future.

It is a gathering that brings together various social change ecosystems to create a shared understanding of our challenges and a collective vision for tomorrow.

2069 showed us what becomes possible when individual and organizational egos are transcended and the technology for collaboration is available. It was like a collective birthing, and then collective harvesting of the fruits. The ripples of this went beyond the time and space for the festival.

Names of co-contributors

Kejal Savla
Arnaz Khan
Shashank Kalra
Adil Basha
Akshay Jain

About Abhishek Thakore:

Abhishek brings over 15 years of experience in facilitation, design and transformational exercises across sectore in diverse geographies around the world.
His areas of expertise include facilitating group processes, creating organization-wide transformations and creating change in complex systems.
He is also founder of a social organization The Blue Ribbon Movement which builds leadership in youth through social action.


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