Alexander Malakhov

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Integral Russia: Art, Thought & Practice

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Integral Russia: Art, Thought & Practice

The Russian-speaking spiritual, cultural, and intellectual milieu, though historically over-represented with thousands of thinkers, artists and visionaries, remains a terra incognita for the rest of the broader integral community. This milieu’s feature is its integrative nature that claims universality and seeks to reveal a cohesive and non-contradictive “theory of everything” as well as to transform the reality. Our intention is to present this milieu to the integrally-informed audience, making them aware of the possible Russian role in the global integral enterprise and sharing our experience of some integral projects in today’s Russia.

About Alexander Malakhov:

Aleksandr Malakhov is a full-time researcher at Integrality Foundation (Moscow, Russia). He’s also the cofounder of Eros and Cosmos magazine ( His approach combines integral meta-theorizing, action research, and first-person methods. He’s been involved in field work in Russia’s many regions including some isolated areas as Sakhalin and Kamchatka. His academic interests embrace cross-cultural philosophy, adult development, cultural evolution, and social changes.


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