Alexander Malakhov, Grishanti Holon

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Integral Russia: Art, Thought & Practice

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Integral Russia: Art, Thought & Practice

The Russian-speaking spiritual, cultural, and intellectual milieu, though historically over-represented with thousands of thinkers, artists and visionaries, remains a terra incognita for the rest of the broader integral community. This milieu’s feature is its integrative nature that claims universality and seeks to reveal a cohesive and non-contradictive “theory of everything” as well as to transform the reality. Our intention is to present this milieu to the integrally-informed audience, making them aware of the possible Russian role in the global integral enterprise and sharing our experience of some integral projects in today’s Russia.

Names of co-contributor: Grishanti Holon

Grishanti Holon — Russian visionary artist, creator of «Frappism», art curator of Integrality Foundation.

Winner of the international contest and festival of symbolic art «Zen Art» in nominations «Zen of personality» and «Symbolism in cosmogony» (Graphic arts and Digital art), St. Petersburg, 2021.

«Talent of Russia» in nominations «Esoterics and Religion» and «Special photography: experiments», Moscow, 2019. Participant in the international exhibition «Visionary Art Trip», Moscow, 2019.

About Alexander Malakhov:

Aleksandr Malakhov is a full-time researcher at Integrality Foundation (Moscow, Russia). He’s also the cofounder of Eros and Cosmos magazine ( His approach combines integral meta-theorizing, action research, and first-person methods. He’s been involved in field work in Russia’s many regions including some isolated areas as Sakhalin and Kamchatka. His academic interests embrace cross-cultural philosophy, adult development, cultural evolution, and social changes.


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