DÉLEZ, Christian


Title of contribution:

Love scales up, integral behavioral patterns

Where & when:


Friday, May 29th, 15:30 – 16:45

Workshop: Love scales up, integral behavioral patterns

This is an immersive experience based workshop about friendship and love using The Core Protocols. We will practice the 11 Core Commitments and the 11 Core Protocols. We will experiment with protocols like Check-In, Investigate, Decider, Ask for Help, Perfection Game and Protocol Check. We will work in small groups. Each participant will experience it and go out with its Personal Alignment as well and a signal/response game to practice the Alignment.
Teams, groups of people practising The Core Protocols tend to have relationships towards friendship, passion and love. It is teams and groups you want to be part of or you want to create one. Individuals grow up and evolve as well as help others. They are more conscious of their stage of development, the stage of others and the impact on the group and its environment.
The Core Protocols are based on more than 30 years of practical experience by Jim and Michele McCarthy with hundreds of teams and thousands of people.

About Christian Délez:

Christian Délez works as an agile project leader, coach and facilitator. Christian hacks the culture and introduces new ways of behaving in projects and teams for more humanity and fun at work. He focuses on Agile, Teal, Human connection, Difficult conversations. Christian volunteers in several communities where members help people love their jobs. Christian is a co-founder of the Greatness Guild, the C-IQ European Collective and the Swiss Association for Responsive Organizations.

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