DOAN, Christine


Title of contribution:

Transformative Technology AQAL or AWOL?

Where & when:

 Toscana I.

Sunday, May 31st, 11:30 – 13:30

Presentation: Transformative Technology AQAL or AWOL??

This interactive presentation explores the aims/purposes/ethics of one generally Integrally informed group, Transformative Tech Global, pursuing technology in order to improve human wellbeing and consciousness across the planet.
TT Global defines its purview as:
“medically and scientifically validated technologies supporting mental health, wellbeing and thriving.”
Trans Tech represents a dedicated band of purposeful and conscious entrepreneurs who want to change the world from the inside out. They certainly have noble and AQAL goals.Can TT Global stay on the noble AQAL path or will this entire market segment go AWOL just as the initial tech giants have done?
Here are some major themes we will thrash out during this quick spin through various transformative technologies, the players in the space, past tendencies of tech companies to go AWOL, and how to approach ethical concerns, regulate and reform before falling into past traps:
Does everyone in this cutting edge of startups with scalable technology have the Integral perspectives/ethics of Trans Tech? With trillions at stake, will the amassing of ever higher piles of newly intimate personal data drive the huge groundswell of new entrepreneurial endeavours around this theme of human holistic thriving?How could TT Global influence the reform and regulation of the tech sector such that its ideals can be met and TT Global is not subsumed in a tsunami of transformative tech exploitation as past tech explosions have been.Individual productivity,Individual development/evolution,Collective productivity (aka Flow),Collective evolution. There is a preponderance at present of use of transformational tech for point 1 with some lively interest in 3 especially amongst entrepreneurs/athletes.In the TT group there are many Integrally informed members, thus 2 is also a point of strong focus, whereas very few of us yet stress 4. I intend this to be my point of difference in future.In this session we will focus on the most useful gadgets, trans tech’s ethics/future, and its most common applications as well as the participants’ pressing discussion themes.

About Doan Christine:

Riding a dressage horse or writing an academic paper; defending the environment in court or sneaking Integral messages into a conservative, rural community; failing or succeeding; churning out new ideas or battling old demons. All aspects of a life of opportunities taken and adventures explored and lived. Still growing at 70 years. Still looking around the corner into a future of unlimited possibilities. Still finding her own next big thing and wanting to share that spark with others.

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