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Hack your Immune System with Transformative Tech.

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Hack your Immune System with Transformative Tech

Transformative Technology is a freshly burgeoning sector of the digital revolution. Will it help us expand and integrate but yet avoid, even repair, the collateral damage of much of the digital revolution? We could speculate about ethical and developmental elements. However, we have a more pressing concern right now: COVID-19. Endless research and speculation have resulted from the Novel Corona Virus, while less attention is paid to the necessity to build up our individual and collective immune systems. Are there novel ways to create robust immunity to help us stand up physically and emotionally to the pandemic’s toll? Explore with Christine Doan and Lan Diep, two devoted integralists from Down Under, how one beautiful example of Trans Tech might speed up and bolster the development of our immunity. Christine introduces the Focus Band, an EEG in a headband, which gives feedback in real-time of what each of our brain waves is creating. Lack of flow or coherence can impede or eventually crash immunity—along with performance and even happiness! Lan explores with participants what might this Transformative Technology means to us using the integral three domains of reality lens: beauty, goodness, and truth. Trans Tech Global is the parent organisation to Trans Tech Australasia. They define Trans Tech as “technology which is scientifically and medically validated to produce greater mental health, wellbeing and thriving.”

Names of co-contributors: Lan Diep

Organisational Change Designer, Advocate for Generative Wisdom Cultures, Community Builder, Seeker, Meditator, Haikuist, Fire Dragon, and Dreamer. In the sunshine, I recall memories of belonging in nature. As a teenager, at the gateway of sleep, I dreamed of vast fields of wildflowers basking in the summer sun. I am a dreamer. Some call me an idealist. I love to dream of spaces that re-cognise and re-alise the experience of presence: embodied and connected. So in service of the whole, we re-turn back to flow, re-integrated, and healed. Perhaps I am not dreaming, beyond time and space, the sunshine and wildflowers are all a part of who I am.

About Christine Doan:

Riding a dressage horse or writing an academic paper; defending the environment in court or sneaking Integral messages into a conservative, rural community; failing or succeeding; churning out new ideas or battling old demons. All aspects of a life of opportunities taken and adventures explored and lived. Still growing at 70 years. Still looking around the corner into a future of unlimited possibilities. Still finding her own next big thing and wanting to share that spark with others.

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