BORNATH, Dorothee


Title of contribution:

The Appreciators’s Method

Where & when:

Ibiza II 

Wednesday, May 27th, 09:00 – 10:30

Workshop: The Appreciators’s Method

The basis for the Appreciators’ Method is our understanding of appreciation:
Appreciation starts with a clear view of “what is” and with the ability to recognize that we automatically focus on mistakes and weaknesses. It is willing to letting go of one’s own point of view and what it means to us personally. Appreciation is a benevolent attitude towards oneself and life. It is the consistent view of what is good and it includes the willingness to recognize and express a growth step in all aspects of life. Full appreciation, by focusing on a desired future, gives us the experience of this quality in present time, thereby making space for actual freedom of action.
The method follows this process.

About Dorothee Bornath:

Appreciator, Holacracy and Sociocracy Practitioner, Coach, Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner, Trainer and Facilitator of large group interventions in organizations and for public participation. Co-founder of Die Wertschätzer (The Appreciators). Continuously searching for structures supporting evolutionary development.
Currently a modern nomad.

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