ALDIR, Juan Carlos


Title of contribution:

Searching for an Integral Literature

Where & when:

Toscana II.

Thursday, May 28th, 2020
11:30 – 13:30

Projekt: Searching for an Integral Literature

This work talks about what it is and how to write an integral novel.
In my opinion this is still unexplored territory. There are countless literary masterpieces of all time. In each of them we can observe the level of consciousness that gave rise to it, or also when the author was able to get ahead of his time, even without being fully aware of it.
The birth of a new literature constructed from an Integral vision is still in the process of formation and this work explores some of the characteristics that, in my opinion, a literary work of fiction must have in order to be considered Integral.
The first is to be created consciously from an Integral vision, which implies, unlike all previous levels, to be aware that all previous levels exist and cohabit and each of them it has its version of truth.
It is a first approach to the discussion about what it is and how to write an Integral novel.

About Juan Carlos Aldir:

Writer & Novelist. Degree in Philosophy and Master in Philosophy and Criticism of Culture from the Universidad Intercontinental. Postgraduate degree in Psychology and the Diploma in Literary Creation, from SOGEM–Mexico.
In 2013 he published his first novel, “Asesino de muertos”.
“Donde empieza la noche” is his second novel, published in 2019.

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