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Integral Theory 4 Kids

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Projekt: Integral Theory 4 Kids

I am sharing a child-friendly integral map and practices used to put kids in touch with integral thinking at their stage.
-how kids can acknowledge the change of their state throughout a day
-how quadrants can be used to explore how to write a description in stories
-how polarities impact the way we act
-how stages show up in movies and impact characters
-how combining lines & enneagram types provide ideas for creative writing
-how to help them take the perspective of another person when asking for something they want

About Robert Macleod:

Rob Macleod, co-host of Reinventing Education. Coaches school leaders with an integral map to find health in school communities while simultaneously moving toward more integrally informed approaches. A teacher who applies AQAL to his teaching with 5-13 year olds.

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