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Unique Self, a new narrative of identity, in a time between stories

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Presentation: Unique Self, a new narrative of identity, in a time between stories.

In a time between worlds, how do we raise to the invitation of the moment and give birth to “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”? It all depends on how we will answer the question “who are we?” Today’s crisis is calling us to evolve how we respond to that question as a global community. The old narrative of separation won’t take us home. The Unique Self theory maps 4 distinct stations of self: Separate Self, True Self, Unique self, and evolutionary Unique Self. Through this journey, we realize that the goal of enlightenment is not to dissolve into an impersonal Oneness, but to emerge from it and to individuate as a unique expression of that One. As a Unique Self, each and every one of us has a unique perspective with the world that informs precisely the unique gifts we were born to give. Our unique gift is the original medicine that the world needs. Unique Self and Evolutionary Unique Self-consciousness emerge as we start bringing these gifts in synergy, as an act of love and service to the world, in Unique Self evolutionary partnerships.

About Claire Molinard:

Claire Molinard is a uniquely gifted and passionate Integral Coach, Core
Energetics psychotherapist and Unique Self teacher. She is an empowered holder in the Unique Self
lineage as taught by Dr. Marc Gafni and has collaborated with him and Barbara Alexander since
2013 in developing the Unique Self Emergence Process, a comprehensive and dynamic framework
for radical spiritual and psychological transformation. Based in Corsica, she offers training programs
and workshops in the US and in Europe.

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