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Integrating Red – A Perspective from Men’s Work

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Integrating Red – A Perspective from Men’s Work

Since founding Reclaim your Inner Throne in 2014, Eivind has worked with men from 15 countries to claim their power without shutting down their hearts.

In his efforts to support these men, he has applied an AQAL-inspired lens, finding in the process how repressed the red stage of the evolutionary spiral is in most of them.

He has found in men a disassociation from their “red” instinctual bodies, and a flight to high mental towers, where they can escape narratives on embodied masculinity that they have adopted from the cultural discourse.

In working to ensure that the good-hearted men of the world are able to rise and make a difference in a time where they really need to, Eivind has found this challenge to be of critical importance.

In this presentation, Eivind will share his findings from working with hundreds of men, and bring in the mythological figure of the red knight to paint a vivid picture of a process of integration that is more urgent now than it has ever been.

About Eivind F. Skjellum:

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum is the founder of Reclaim your Inner Throne, an organisation spearheading both a renaissance and evolution of archetypal men’s work.

Intimately familiar with the crisis of modern manhood, he is passionate about helping men discover lives of meaning, and is always exploring how to reach the hearts and souls of more men, supporting them to become sovereign stewards of a new world.

He specializes in guiding men back to their power and purpose.

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