Title of contribution:

Principles of a living organization: Heiligenfeld Clinic, the “teal star” of Europe

Where & when:

Toscana (Main)

Thursday, 24th May

Project: Principles of a living organization

Heiligenfeld is a company in Germany running a number of mostly psychosomatic hospitals and an academy organizing trainings, small and large conferences. The organization developed over 27 years from vision to aliving organization. Along this evolution some essential principles for organizational structure, culture and values unfolded: consciousness/mindfulness, self-organization, wholeness/integral perspectives, openness and the secret of life. The presentation will show this process with some illustrative examples.

About Joachim Galuska:

Founder and CEO of Heiligenfeld, a group of psychosomatic Hospitals and an academy, MBA, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, organizer of large conferences for consciousness, spirituality and values in medicine and economics, founder and cofounder of a number of organisations: Foundation for consciousness sciences, Spiritual Emergence Network Germany, Spiritual Venture Network, Psychosomatic health care Network Main Rhoen, Medical Directors Conference Psychosomatic Medicine, several publications.


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