THOMPSON, John (United Kingdom)

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Circling and Surrendered Leadership                                                                

Circling: The growth of an International practice movement grounded in Integral Philosophy.

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Saturday, 26th 16:45-18:00

Ibiza II.

Sunday, 27th 11:30-13:30

Circling and Surrendered Leadership

This session is for you if you are inspired by the idea of 5th order consciousness, and if you want to tear down the idea of a superior consciousness that can be known by clever people. 😉

Come deepen your connection to the mystery and the known;
step into the place you yearn to lead from while embracing the silent wisdom of what you don’t like about yourself;
play in in new fields as awareness navigating multidimensional insights and with trust seeing them agonizingly slip away;
let being allude you while it whispers teasingly that it is here all along;
listen as paradoxes and complexes dance like twins not different and not the same;
be the archetypes and smile while shaking as they gift you the seeing of your innocent delusions.

Come if you want to become more grounded and inspired as a leader and get ready to together focus more sincerely and fiercely on where we see what gets in the way. Let us all dare to feel the needs we unknowingly betray and then embody the power we tried to hide to stay safe.

Most of all let’s play our tune in a majestic, crazy symphony of our collective simple greatness.

Circling: The growth of an International practice movement grounded in Integral Philosophy.

I am going to tell some cool stories about the growth of Circling and make some bold claims about it’s power and beauty 🙂

We’ll share how Circling and Surrendered Leadership have taken us on an amazing journey of crazy trust and high energy that can provide some exciting stimulus and inspiration for the Integral community. The philosophy holds ‘Connection’ at its centre—in the moment and paradigmatically as it continuously evolves to incorporate the wisdom of many modalities. The practice can be seen as a form of integral embodiment in the moment and in relationship. It has grown rapidly around the world in recent years and is leading to profound growth for many. It’s grounded in Integral philosophy and is inspiring many people to learn about Integral Theory yet Integral theory is not formally part of the practice.

About John Thompson

John has been at the heart of helping spread Circling to over 20 countries in just 4 years. He’s helped to define and evolve the paradigm-shifting practice of Circling, and invented Surrendered leadership and the 5 principles of Circling. He has trained over 250 Circling leaders around the world and recently published a book chapter on Circling (Cohering the Integral We-Space). Prior to this John ran the highly successful Integral Tennis Academy and is an award winning integral scholar and coach.

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