Title of contribution:

What it takes to be fully human (Acad)

Where & when:

Ibiza II.

Friday, 25th May

Project: What it takes to be fully human: including & expanding African wisdom in the developmental framework of leadership maturity

The presenters, who have worked with this framework in the African context, will share their exploration of, & to, looking through the lenses of the ego maturity framework (LMF), to include, transcend, & expand on the polarity tension of the I & the We. Ubuntu is viewed as a possible integrating narrative for world-centric orientation from the African perspective: the paper will take into account the populist view of privileging the collective in the African worldview, and that of the individual in the Western worldview. Ubuntu philosophy often stands in stark contrast to egoic behaviours, actions, practices, views of development, of maturity, of spirituality & politics. The LMF is viewed as a valuable lens through which to make meaning of interpretations of the African worldview, & Ubuntu is viewed as a valuable & necessary inclusion to the integral narrative for it to be truly inclusive & comprehensive ‘theory of everything’.

About Paddy Pampallis:

Paddy has immersed herself in developmental work as a teacher, psychotherapist & director of Integral Africa. She has developed a highly successful & unique application of Wilber’s framework in the development of coaches and leaders through an integration with African philosophies. Having trained hundreds of coaches & leaders in SA, she is Africa partner to the Centre for Leadership Maturity; co-teacher of the LMF with S. Cook Greuter & Beena Sharma. Their shared purpose: becoming fully human!


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