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Integral Voices of Africa

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Presentation: Integral Voices of Africa

Integral Voices of Africa are rising to become bridge builders for the world through the cultivation of Integral African practitioners. With decades of unfoldment, re-folding & rigorous calibration of process, Integral Africa, with The (I) Coaching Centre’s IPCP programmes with leaders and in the training of Integral U coaches, alumni have applied this work into their specific fields to create conversations for change towards a deeper integration of our common humanity. The oral traditions of Africa are enfolded in techniques for skilful (coaching) conversations as the core to deepening the intersubjective space of relationships & our environments, creating deeper understanding, tolerance and compassion for all. Together with Urban Hub23, Thrivable Worlds, a recent publication (endorsed by Wilber) brought together members of this community to share their pragmatic applications through various fields of action. Ubuntu & Padare are deep approaches to being and becoming that begins and ends in the relational space, from the ‘earth to sky’ and is embraced as a generous ontology for inclusion and difference through growing the capacity to express compassion, reciprocity, dignity, humaneness and mutuality. In the interests of surfacing the under- & over-stories towards just and mutual caring, this workshop will share integral African wisdom as a necessary inclusion to a global consciousness that can transcend ascribed stages towards a unitive state of being as a practice.

About Paddy Pampallis:

CEO Founder/Psychologist: Integral Africa Institute (IAC); The Integral Coaching Centre (TCC: 2003-) & co-founder Unbuntu Coaching Foundation. With 4 decades dedicated to growing consciousness & healing in self & with others the unique application of Wilber’s work, Integral U, integrates an African approach for transformative, developmental conversations in working with leaders & coaches (ICF). The work spans multiple sectors utilising generous listening, reverence & de-colonising embodiment.


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