Title of contribution:

Better Organisations Build Better AI

Where & when:

Ibiza II.

Sunday, 27th May

Project: Better organisations build better AI

AI will play a fundamental role future society. The decisions that matter are being made today in the way work and organisations are created and managed. Perhaps the integral and systemic approaches of the Teal organisation are the very thing that will lead the way to a better relationship with the emerging technology.

This workshop will provide a very basic introduction a foundation of Machine Learning – The Algorithm. We’ll explore the level of detail required to create these algorithms, take some time to understand what the data means, and share our thoughts on the implications these practices have on our ideas of Teal Organisations.

The workshop will comprise a set of group activities, open to all levels of technical skill, to explore a an essential aspect of the automation and AI using a fundamental programming tool: the index card.

The AI we create will mirror the systems that created it. How can Teal practitioners practically engage in building this future?

About Peter Brownell:

Peter is been a programmer since his youth, and been involved in running teams on agile practices since the 90’s. He ran an open source software consultancy in London for 10 years, but found that his client’s decision making structures prevented any good software from being written. He is now on a journey to learn more about building organisations that make better humans. He doesn’t know all that much about AI. One day, he will be brave enough to become a gardener.


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