Title of contribution:

Making to Unknow – Art, Growth & Observational Leadership

Where & when:

Ibiza II.

Thursday, 24th May

Project: Making to Unknow – Art, Growth & Observational Leadership

PART OF THE IF TRACK: Roll up your sleeves and immerse in a facilitated sequence of drawing and collage instruction designed to reveal and challenge perceptions and conventional thinking. The experience is shaped to develop openness and tolerance for ambiguity, disruption and iteration, and to experience new capacities and greater opportunity through adaptation and new sense-making.

As facilitative leaders, we can both expand and sharpen what we see, hear, notice, and absorb from environments. Expanding perceptions and holding multiple perspectives can grow the self-as-instrument, revealing more information and possibility, such that we can react differently under pressure, change faster, offer new way perspectives to others, and lean into uncertainty.

In this workshop, we will:
Make art
Challenge conventional thinking
Generate new mental models
Reframe challenges, problems and opportunities
Lead through openness, trust and tolerance for ambiguity
Experiment, iterate and adapt

About Peter Strom:

Integral Facilitator | LCPC | Entrepreneur | As a practitioner of culture and process design, deliberately developmental orgs., meditation, and psychotherapy, Pete elevates existing teams and events through developmental learning, coaching, and facilitation. A core member of Ten Directions training & consulting teams and principal facilitator and experience designer for HATCH summit, he’s facilitated thought leaders from IDEO, NASA, Apple, Google, Intel, Deloitte, Hasbro, Warner Bros, & more.


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