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Break Free from theVictim Game and Live Your Dream

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Presentation: Break Free from theVictim Game and Live Your Dream

Do you have the feeling your life is spinning in the vicious circle and you are caught in an eternal drama full of triggers – but you don’t know exactly what’s going on, or how to break free from that circle? The “Break Free from the Victim Game and Live Your Dream” online session takes you on a journey deep into your subconscious mind – where you will uncover hidden roles in Victim Game silently sabotaging your harmony making your life full of triggers. Then, by connecting with your Higher Self and tapping into your personal energetic frequency, your presenter, Tena, will give you a hand to permanently erase the source of triggers and teach you how to do it by yourself with the power of your compassionate heart – leaving you vibrationally aligned with the life full of magical synchronicities you deserve.

About Tena Cacic:

Less than seven years ago, extremely intense stress and disharmonious relationships were my reality. PhD in communication helped me to research, test and discover techniques and modalities that helped me to decrease stress level and to re-create my own life. By reinventing my own life, I learned about the victim game, the game I played intensively with my loved ones and friends. Now, I can help anyone who is ready to step out of the victim mentality and to have trigger free life.

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