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How energies drive our Organization

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Marabella I.

Thursday, 24th May

Project: How energies drive our Organization!

It is said in wisdom teachings, that all what exists, all what we perceive, see and are – is made of the GREAT FIVE ELEMENTS and this touches our individual-, relationship- as well as the organizational-structural level. Knowing and feeling this, helps to evolve self management, to give and experience wholeness and to follow the evolutionary purpose. In this contribution it is about feeling into the different energies and to raise awareness how they might show up and can be experienced.

About Tina Gattermann:

Born in 1971, I studied economics and design which lead to a career in the textile business. Driven by a spiritual path in the Himalayan Tradition I follow my inner voice to study and live the ´Oneness of Economy and Spirituality`. I founded the ´Element Business Academy` 2016 which purpose is, to spread the wisdom of the evolving energy fields within us and in organizations, based on the FIVE ELEMENTS. Balancing these, supports the Teal-Process on the individual and organizational level.

Website: http://teal-process.de

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