Title of contribution:

Art of Writing

Where & when:

Marabella II.

Thursday, 24th May

Project: Art of writing

In this Workshop everyone can make in a very short time an experience in the art of writing letters. Participants learn graphical principles, how to hold a wrting tool and create letters out of the own handwriting. It is inspiring and joyful to feel the own handwriting as an intuitive expression of the soul. Free artistic handwriting is authetical and a very aesthetical communication with ourself and others. The participants get materials like paper, colours and calligraphy nibs.

About Uta Galuska:

Artist for calligraphy, art of lettering and poetry. She produces aesthetic and artistic calligraphies from poems of herself and other poets. She gives workshops in free artistic writing and organizes art exhibitions in Bad Kissingen, Germany. She is a member of professional art organization, born 1969,

Website: http://www.uta-galuska.de

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