This page gives you an overview of the different ticket categories of the IEC REGATHERING 2019, as well as info about extras and accommodation options you can choose from. Further down, you will also find useful travel information. 

Like at our previous conferences, our ticket prices take into account the different economic zones of our planet. On the registration page, first you have to choose your country of residence, and then access your ticket choices and additional options.


Useful info about dates and times to help you book your flight and buy your ticket.
Though there are 6 core conference days, with all pre and post events, IEC lasts all together 16 days! Open your calendar now and look it over. Then you can decide which parts you want to attend, design your trip, and choose the right ticket.

1. Courses Before the Conference (May 15th-20th)

Susanne Cook-Greuter’s Part 1 European Certificate Coach Training
4 days, May 17th-20th, Park Inn Hotel, Budapest. Course starts on Thursday morning, finishing on Sunday. People can travel to the IEC site, which is an hour’s drive west of Budapest, the next day, Monday. This course is taught in person by Susanne Cook-Greuter, Beena Sharma, and Paddy Pampallis. There will be more info about the course available on the website in February, and it will also be announced in the IEC newsletter. Make sure you are signed up! Susanne said this is her last course and last IEC appearence in Europe, due to her wish to retire. If you want to learn from Susanne in person, use your chance now! You can pre-subscribe here for the course.

Spiral Dynamics Level II Training
2 days, May 19th-20th, Saturday-Sunday, in Budapest, at the Park Inn Hotel. The Spiral Dynamics Level II 2-day training is for those who have completed Level 1 (last year before IEC or anywhere else). This experientially rich and intensive course is run in person by high level SD trainer Teddy Hebo Larsen and his team, Sergey Solonin and Rica Viljoen, and Dr. Don Beck will join in at times via video call. There will be more info available about the course on the website in February, and it will also be announced in the IEC newsletter. Make sure you are signed up! You can also pre-subscribe here for the course.

Integral Facilitator Residential Retreat
6-days, May 15th-20th, Tuesday to Sunday, in Budapest at the Danubius Health Spa Resort Hotel on Margaret Island. This retreat is the final residential part of the European Integral Facilitator Cohort 9-month program, which started in September 2017.

People taking Susanne’s course and the Spiral Dynamics course will be at the same hotel in parallel halls, so in the breaks and evenings, it is a great opportunity to mingle! It’s already a “little IEC” experience. The integral social flow begins with around 60-80 people. The “IF” people might join the buzz too; evenings are great times to meet and discover who is in town and join the tribes.

2. The Conference Itself (May 22nd-27th)

Pre-conference Workshops take place on: Tuesday, May 22nd, from 9:00am – 6:00pm and Wednesday, May 23rd, from 9:00am – 12:00pm.

The Welcoming Boat Trip Party: Tuesday, May 22nd from 7:00pm – 9:00pm on Lake Balaton. Dinner and a Live Spiritual Concert on the boat; we will walk from the reception over to the boat together at 7:00pm. This is on the evening of the pre-conference workshops, so if you skip the pre-conf workshops, arrive at the hotel by 6:00pm to check in, and then come to the reception area at 7:00pm to join the group and go together to the boat.

Main Conference: Opens at 2:00pm on Wednesday, May 23rd, and ends at 5:00pm on Sunday, May 27th.

3. Right after the Conference (May 28th-30th)

Post-Conference 3-Day Integral Sightseeing Tour

Starts on Monday, May 28th, at 9:00am, leaving from the conference venue, Hotel Azur. Ends in downtown Budapest on Wednesday, May 30th, at 5:00pm.


– Review and Register – 


 Supporting integral in the world + VIP Dinner at Sunday + VIP Shuttle Airport transfer back and forth + All Conference Workshops + All Conference Presentations + Hotel for 2 days +Coffee, food for 3 days +  Airport Transfer from hotel to Airport

The VIP Ticket includes:


All Conference Workshops + All Conference Presentations + Hotel for 2 days +Coffee, food for 3 days +  Airport Transfer from hotel to Airport

The Full Experience Ticket includes:


All Conference Workshops + All Conference Presentations +Coffee, food for 3 days

The Basic Ticket includes:


Just getting in


Minimal Ticket includes:

Western regions: 495 €

Southern regions: 412 €

Eastern regions: 297 €

Integral Academy Students: 115 €


One day entry to the conference, no food, no hotel

Day Ticket includes:

If you want to participate only on certain days, you can choose individual Day Tickets for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Two coffee breaks per day are included.

If you book Day Tickets, conference food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and accommodation at the conference hotel are not included.

Western regions: 132 €

Southern regions: 122 €

Eastern regions: 88 €

Integral Academy Students: 38 €


If you bought a ticket without tour and you want to add the tour later, or want to come only to the tour.

The Magical Mystery Tour is a 3-day, 4-quadrant event filled with unexpected and delightful twists and turns through the beautiful landscape of Hungary.

You will experience a “stages of consciousness” tour as you journey through magenta, red, amber, orange, green, and teal layers of European and Hungarian culture, and local integralists will share with you their individual and collective interiors, their stories and sagas.

Bence Gánti, master tour guide, will introduce you to places and people you most certainly would not have found any other way, and a professional tour guide will fill in the historical details of the cultural and spiritual sites you visit.

Traveling with you on the bus will be 65 conference participants, including 10 keynote speakers, and there will be many opportunities for building community with your fellow journeyers—sharing traditional mealsrelaxing in the spa, chatting on the bus—as well as opportunities to sink into a peaceful, pleasant space of your own while looking out the window or slipping away with your camera to catch a gold-rose Hungarian sunset.

See the tour ITINERARY here!

Without regions: 450 €


We follow European standards.
Prices shown are the actual prices you will pay.

There is no additional tax added, taxes are already included in the prices shown.
If you book through us, you are in safe amber and free from orange shadow.
No extra surprise fees or ripoffs at hotel, restaurant, or airport transfer.  


The Full Experience

Full experience conferencing includes 1. Exciting Pre-conference Workshops (May 22nd-23rd, Tues-Wed) – great learning opportunities! 2. A Welcoming Boat Party and Dinner with Spiritual Live Music (May 22nd, Tuesday evening 7-10 pm) taking place on a romantic boat cruising on Lake Balaton, launching from the hotel, and an additional and optional 3. Post-Conference 3-Day Integral Sightseeing Tour with fellow integralists through cultural, historical, and spiritual experiences in the Hungarian countryside and the capital city, Budapest.  Awesome new itinerary this year! Including visitation of local spiritual sites.

If you buy the full experience ticket (with tour or without), you get it in a cheaper bundle than buying items one by one. If you buy any of the cheaper tickets (Basic, Minimal, or Day Ticket), you can add these elements later as additional options for the standard list price. If you are not interested in the conference but only in the tour (for example, a spouse of a conferencer), you can also buy just the Tour ticket. 


On Tuesday, we will offer half-day and full-day pre-conference workshops. On Wednesday, we will offer half-day pre-conference workshops. A total of circa 20 workshops will be offered to choose from! Workshop presenter names and titles will be announced as the selection process proceeds. Decide if you want to be there and book your flight accordingly! With the full experience tickets you are all set: your hotel, food, and airport transfer (with lower-than-online- and-street prices) is secured with regard to the pre-conference workshops. If you buy cheaper tickets, you can always add this item on as an extra at the prices shown below.

Western regions: 60 €

Southern regions: 45 €

Eastern regions: 35 €

Integral Academy Students: 35 €


The first grand socializing event of IEC 2018 will be on a breathtakingly beautiful boat trip departing on Tuesday evening from next to the hotel at Lake Balaton. Come and unleash the grand socializing experience with a dinner on the water and enjoy live spiritual music and a welcoming ceremony on the lake! If you buy the full experience ticket, this is included, if you buy cheaper tickets (Basic, Minimal, Day), you can add this item as an extra at the prices shown below.

(The hotel provides the food on the boat as the dinner of that day, therefore food is included for those staying at the hotel with full experience tickets. For other guests with Basic, Minimal, or Day tickets, an additional 13 € is to be paid upon registration at the boat for the dinner. Drinks are not included in the price, non-alcoholic options are available.)

All zones: 55 €


Enhance and deepen your conference experience by touring for 3 days through beautiful Hungary with integral friends, after the main conference has ended. You will tour the countryside and enjoy amazing outdoor sites, natural parks, historic must-see places, and encounter the local spirituality. Integral insiders lead the tour with an integral mindset, where pre-modern, modern, and post-modern places and elements are elegantly combined into a great communal experience. Some star keynote speakers will join the tour and we will become one tribe for the journey. Hotel + breakfast for the 3 days are included in the price and don’t have to be booked extra. The tour starts on the 28th of May, Monday at 9 AM, departing from the Azur Hotel, and ends around 5 PM in downtown Budapest, Wednesday, May 30th. It’s best to book your flight home anytime on Thursday, May 31st, or on Wednesday, May 30th with a 7 PM take off or later. For details, see our upcoming tour brochure! The tour is cheaper with the “Full Experience with Tour” ticket but can also be added to any ticket for the list price shown below.
See the tour ITINERARY here!

All zones: 450 €


For all conference hotel guests, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included. Apart from coffee breaks (that are open to all conference guests), drinks are not included in the price. There will be vegetarian and vegan options at the buffet. We will do our best to cater to your specific needs. The hotel kitchen prioritizes locally produced food from the region.


Please note: In order to accommodate as many participants as possible, the default option for all participants is a double room. If you don’t specify a roommate, we will allocate to you a same-sex roommate. If you prefer to stay alone in a double room, it will cost extra. Prices include all meals.

All zones:

1 night double room 115 €

2 nights double room 230 €

3 nights double room 346 €

4 nights double room 479 € 

5 nights double room 597 € (included in Full Experience Ticket price) 


If you prefer to stay alone in a double room, it will cost an extra +25 € / night.

All zones:

1 night +25 €

2 nights +50 €

3 nights +75 €

4 nights +100 €

5 nights +125 €

Cancellation policy

Conference tickets can be cancelled with the following conditions:


– Review and Book – 

All hotel prices already include food + tourist tax

What kind of place is the IEC venue?

The IEC venue is called Hotel Azur, a 4-star hotel with around 600 beds, 11 conference rooms, a ballroom with a capacity of 600 people, and 10 other rooms with a capacity of 60 people each for the thematic sections and workshops. It is an awesome place! A spacious, cheerful, clean hotel with a post modern touch to it. The global integral community will “occupy” the whole hotel, and you will go through an unparalleled experience in this week-long “evolutionary holiday!” The hotel is in a Hungarian town called Siófok, one hour west of the airport and  Budapest. Siófok is a prime summer holiday resort town on the shore of Lake Balaton, one of Europe’s biggest (80 km long) sweet water lakes, “The Hungarian Sea.” The grand integral tribe will be together on this tranquil lakeshore (the lake is in our garden!) in a 20-25 celsius (70-80 F) warm springtime, with blossoming flowers and swaying green trees. The end of May is the most pleasant and romantic time of the year in Central Europe! 

Why is it important to stay together at the conference venue?

Come and stay at the conference hotel with us! When you arrive at the conference, you immediately start to feel the irresistable charm of the integral community buzz, and you most probably won’t want to leave it for other places. We know, from many years of firsthand conferencing experience, how annoying it is if things are happening but we need to go away from the flow every day — just because we thought we’d like to save a few dozen Euros and stay somewhere else. Once at the conference, you will want to experience every hour of it instead of repeatedly going off to another place, where there is no energy and your experience leaks away.

Is it cheap or expensive? 

Think of this, for €115 / day you get:

1. A 4-star hotel room 2. Three delicious meals a day (vegetarian or meat options & all-you-can-eat) 3. Eat with the integral community: a prime chance to socialze, enjoy creative flow, or build your business 4. Two unlimited coffee breaks and snacks each day — these not only serve our “coffee addict” needs, but are also another great opportunity to hang out and socialize.

To break it down: 1.  €75 / night for a 4-star hotel room   2. €11 / all-you-can-eat meal (3 times/day: breakfast, lunch, dinner) 3. €3.5 / coffee break with unlimited coffee, fruits, cakes, snacks (2x/day)

One bonus:

FREE admission to the SPA COMPLEX. A separate building with multiple, large hot pools, socializing jacuzzis, and saunas.

Shall I save money and stay somewhere else?

Do you think it’s worthwhile to walk around town, trying to find cheaper food and lodging, in order to save a few euros but then miss out on being a part of the communty flow? We suggest you not stay somewhere else for your own good. You would likely feel sorry that you have to leave, right when it’s really building up steam and you want to be there. All your friends will be going to eat together and you will walk away and out. In the evening, important events happen, but you “need to go home.” You don’t want that experience. This occasion only arises every two years, and well might be the most important peak of your integral life. So we suggest you focus on the essence, be there, and let us take care of your physical needs with our reasonably priced packages.

Should you stay elsewhere, please know: it will take you 30-60 minutes daily to go back and forth. If you are hungry or need coffee, you will get regular a la carte prices in the conference restaurant and might find you didn’t save much. Or, you walk away from the community and find a restaurant in town, juggling with time and not necessarly saving any money. Also, you don’t get coffee and snacks unless you pay for them extra, at regular price. Our prices have been negotiated down from the regular prices in the hotel and restaurant and offer everything in a cheaper win-win package bundle. Make your experience unbroken and enjoyable!

Where do I pay for hotel and food?

Scroll above and see Tickets or go directly to the Ticket Shop! You can pay for hotel and food when you buy your ticket to the conference. Then just arrive at the hotel, check in at IEC’s registration desk, and you are all set! You will get your room, food tickets, coffee break and snacks tickets, and your free spa entry card. You are all set, and all your focus is then on people and the flow.

Too expansive? Ask for scholarship and get financial support!  – we will help you in

We, the organizers, are enthusiastic about helping, and some donors are offering financial support so that people with less income can also join the conference, instead of trying to stitch it together by trying to stay and eat somewhere else, thereby losing the flow. If you apply for a scholarship, one way we can help is to give you a reduced rate, made up from the donations, and we can even further reduce your costs by offering you cheap, home-style accommodations within 3-5 minutes walking distance from the hotel. These are basic but clean. Our local integral volunteers list the available places to stay, offering them to those asking for scholarships. With us, you will find home-style stays 75% cheaper than at any Airbnb you can find and also closer: within a 3-5 minute walk from the hotel. Scholarship application link here.

Accommodation Policies

The following conditions apply in the registration process:

The conference Hotel Azúr in Siófok is nicely located directly on the shore of beautiful Lake Balaton. Conference guests can take advantage of the extensive indoor and outdoor wellness area.

All hotel prices already include food + tourist tax.


– How to get there easy and cheap – 

IEC will be at Hotel Azur in Siofók town, located at Lake Balaton, approximately 1.5 hours and 135 km (85 miles) driving distance from Budapest and the airport.

How to get there?

The quickest way to get to Hungary is by air, and there is only one airport. It is just outside of Budapest (green marker), and it has a direct highway connection with Siófok (red marker), so it is a smooth and easy drive to Hotel Azur. The best way, therefore, to get to IEC is to take a shuttle van. You can also take public transportation (train or bus), but there is no direct connection. It will take twice the time and you will need to change route 3 or 4 times, finishing  with a 1.5 km walk. If you can afford €50 for a 135 km long, 90 min direct highway drive, take the IEC shuttle to have an easy and smooth arrival. We have contracted a shuttle company who offers IEC shuttles for half the price of the regular airport shuttles, and with the same service (Mercedes vans). IEC shuttle: €50, get-yourself Airport Shuttle: €100-120. Taxi: € 120-200. See details below! You can also take a train from other European countries, or drive, but while a flight will be 1.5 hrs, by train or automobile would take 12 hours.

Arrival in Budapest by plane

The Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD) is located approximately 25 km from Budapest city center, and 135 km from Siófok, the IEC venue. Cheap flights are available to Budapest from almost every European country. Flights from outside Europe will often transfer at a major airport, such as London Heathrow or Frankfurt, Germany. A flight from Frankfurt typically takes 90 minutes, and one from London or Moscow 2 hours. International flights arrive at Terminal 2.  Taxis and airport shuttles are easily available and are reputable, but run at higher prices than the same-value IEC-organized shuttle.

AVOID money exchange at the airport; they have a tourist ripoff rate. You can withdraw cash (Forints, the local currency) at ATMs at the airport and in many places. The cash exchange rate is much better in the city. Hotel exchange rates are okay, but higher than in the city. You can pay with debit and credit cards in most places (hotels, restaurants, supermarkets). You can’t use Euros or dollars to pay in cash.

Airport transportation information:  »

Take the  IEC shuttle!

IEC shuttles transfer you directly from Budapest airport to the Azur Hotel and back during the following timeslots for €50, which is half the price of taxis and regular shuttles.

ARRIVING Budapest airport to Siófok

Monday, May 21st: 9 am, 10 pm, 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm, 9 pm

Tuesday, May 22nd:  9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm, 9 pm

Wednesday, May 23rd: 12 am, 3 pm

GOING HOME From Siófok to Budapest airport:

Sunday, May 27th: 5 pm, get to airport by 6:30 pm

Monday, May 28th: 6 am, get to airport by 7:30 am, 8 am, get to airport by 9:30 am

At other times you will need to arrange your own airport shuttle or taxi cab (you can ask for assistance at the hotel reception).

After you have signed up, we will contact you and confirm your seat. Payment will be handled in cash in Siófok — you can pay in Euros or Forints.

Other shuttle services

Here is a list of shuttle service providers and other travel possibilities to take you from Budapest airport directly to the conference venue:

Shuttles, taxis, minibus:

Siófok taxi minibus


Budapest-Siófok transfer




MÁV (Hungarian Railways)

Public Transportation

Option #1 Train

Airport — Bus 200E — Train to Székesfehérvár — Train to Siófok —-Walk/cab to Azúr

At the airport take bus 200E, you can buy your ticket from the driver for 450 HUF (1.5 EUR), or at a newsstand (or Info Desk) for 350 HUF (1.2 EUR).

Travel till stop Kőbánya-Kispest P+R Station; this takes 20-22 minutes.

Bus 200E runs from 4:09 a.m. till 0:21 every 7-20 minutes.

From Kőbánya-Kispest go to MAV-ticket office (it is on the 1st floor) and buy your train ticket for Siófok.

Take the commuter train to Székesfehérvár; running time is 1:13.

Trains depart weekdays from 5:27 am till 20:27 pm every hour.

The reasonable ones (with not too long changing times) are at: 7:27, 11:27, 13:27, 14:27, 15:27, 17:27.

A connection train runs within 6-31 minutes from Székesfehérvár (their destination is Nagykanizsa, Balatonszentgyörgy, or Siófok).

Travel time from Székesfehérvár to Siófok is 45-50 minutes.

From Siófok train station/Bus to Hotel Azúr

You can walk; it is 950 meters and takes about 12 minutes, or you can catch a cab at the station.

Walk: Go to the underpass towards Balaton (lake/tó).

Walk along Indóház street in the same direction that your train left (railway on your left, lake on the right hand side).

After crossing the canal on a bridge, you reach a roundabout, turn right there (2nd exit) to Vitorlás street; the hotel entrance will be on the left hand side within 200 meters.

Option #2 Train

Airport — Bus 200E —-Metro3 —- Metro2 —- Siófok — walk/cab to Azúr

At the airport take bus 200E. You can buy your ticket from the driver for 450 HUF (1.5 EUR), or at a newsstand (or infodesk) for 350 HUF (1.2 EUR). We advise you to buy 2 tickets.

Travel till stop Kőbánya-Kispest metro station (last stop); this takes 22-25 minutes.

Bus 200E runs from 4:09 a.m. till 0:21, every 7-20 minutes.

At Kőbánya-Kispest metro station go to the metro (M3).

Take metro (M3) till Deák Ferenc tér.

Change to metro line (M2).

Go in the direction of Déli pályaudvar (Déli station, last stop).

(From Kőbánya-Kispest to Déli pályaudvar it takes 30-40 minutes; total journey airport-Déli Station is 60-90 minutes.)

Buy your train ticket to Siófok from a cashier or from a ticket machine.

You need to buy “Fast supplement” also.

Take the train to Siófok.

Trains run every 1-1.5 hours. Train trip is 1h:20 minutes by direct trains.

Train timetable HERE.

Option #3 Bus

Airport — Bus 200E — Metro3 —-Bus to Siófok —- walk to Azúr

The direct bus service from Budapest to Siófok takes 1.5-2.2 hours.

At the airport take bus 200E. You can buy your ticket from the driver for 450 HUF (1.5 EUR), or at a newsstand (or infodesk) for 350 HUF (1.2 EUR).

Travel till stop Kőbánya-Kispest metro station (last stop). This takes 22-25 minutes.

Bus 200E runs from 4:09 a.m. till 0:21 every 7-20 minutes.

At Kőbánya-Kispest metro station go to the Metro (M3).

Take metro (M3) till Népliget; go to the bus station.

Buy your ticket at the ticket office.

Buses depart from Budapest-Népliget bus station to Siófok at 6:40 A.M., 6:45 A.M. and 3:15 P.M.

From Siófok bus station:

1.2 km to Hotel Azúr.

Follow signs towards train station (állomás), along Széchenyi utca (street).

Turn left on Kálmán Imre sétány (promenade).

Cross the bridge over the canal; the route is the same as from the train station.

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