Community Voting – Announcing Best Keynote and Presentations

Community Voting

Announcing Best Keynote and Presentations

Thank you all for participating in the community voting and help us select the best keynote and 3 best presentations of IEC Online 2020. In the upcoming weeks (starting today), we’ll publish the following recordings on the IEC Youtube Channel for anyone to watch for free, without time limitations!


Otto Scharmer – Covid, Climate, and Consciousness: How to Reimagine Our Civilization


Vivian Dittmar – The Inner GPS and the Five Disciplines of Thought

Kim Barta – The Evolution of Shadow Resolution

Terri O’Fallon – Developmental Confusions

Best Keynote at IEC Online voted by community:

Otto Scharmer – Covid, Climate, and Consciousness: How to Reimagine Our Civilization

Everything I have experienced until now has prepared me for this moment

Otto Scharmer gave a brilliant keynote at IEC Online 2020, applying Theory U to Covid 19, Climate Change and the evolution of consciousness, after which he led an open sharing round with over 300 participants.

At the end, he observed that the level of awareness and ability to listen to each other that occurred during the session was very high. This gives us hope that the transformation needed to cope with disruption and use it for positive change is being seeded right now.

Please check out his Global Activation of Intention and Action (GAIA):

Check out their most recent updates here:

Dr. Otto Scharmer is a Senior Lecturer in the MIT Management Sloan School and co-founder of the Presencing Institute. He chairs the MIT IDEAS program for cross-sector innovation and introduced the concept of “presencing”—learning from the emerging future—in his bestselling books Theory U and Presence (the latter co-authored with P. Senge et al).

He is co-author of Leading from the Emerging Future, which outlines eight acupuncture points for transforming capitalism. His most recent book, The Essentials of Theory U, outlines the core principles and applications of awareness-based systems change.

Dr. Scharmer earned his diploma and PhD in economics from Witten/Herdecke University in Germany. A member of the World Future Council, he received the Jamieson Prize for Teaching Excellence at MIT, and the European Leonardo Corporate Learning Award. The United Nations Deputy Secretary-General appointed him to the UN Learning Advisory Council for the 2030 Agenda.

To IEC 2020 Online participants:

You have the chance to watch or download all IEC Online 2020 recordings

before 31st July!

After that, the access site for presentations and keynotes will not be available.

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