The STAGES of a Planetary Awakening

Shared Needs of a Shared Evolution

As with any meta-movement, like our Integral Theory, we rest on a dynamic system of multiple interpretations. We are gathering more than a 100 expressions for the same analog things, which lead our shared journey to two major outstanding needs.

1. How can we make sure, we are working with unified definitions?

2. How can we make sure, we remain practical and do the right thing together?

It’s our pleasure to announce the keynote of Terri O’Fallon at IEC 2023 in May. The culmination of her 51 years of teaching and research, STAGES International and the STAGES Model provide both clear definitions and practical answers.

Terri’s Abstract:

Planetary views began seeding our developmental perspectives since the 1960’s and have continued to evolve. The screenplay of the post-modern integral version of the planetary awakening is being written right now, as we socially construct each other here, in this field.

But what does “planetary awakening” mean in an integral world?

This talk will suggest a few practical markers we might look for in our PlanetaryAwakening-directly related to the evolution of humanity.

  • Developmental definitions: planetary, awakening, ignorance, confusion
  • Growing up our emotions
  • States and stages
  • Three practical practices that you can do every day to support planetary awakening.

Terri’s Background:

Terri is a partner of STAGES International, which creates programs based on the STAGES model. She holds MS degrees in Special Education and Spiritual direction with a Ph.D. in Integral Transformative Learning and Change.

Her interests lie in the living experiments of evolutionary human systems, levels of development from cradle to grave, and the interpenetration of human development and states.

Ordinariness continues to bring her home to the practical living, breathing appreciation of the simple things in life. We wake up every morning. We grow up quite naturally. We live through joys and sorrows. We grow old. Listening, gratitude, compassion, love, forgiveness, and generosity remain lifelong lessons that never seem to end.

With Love

The IEC Team

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